‘Resident Evil 5’ Gets A Release Date

by on March 4, 2011

in Entertainment

Sony recently announced the release date for the 5th movie in the Resident Evil franchise, for now, being called Resident Evil 5.

The planned release date is set for September 14th, 2012 (9-14-12).

No plot has yet to be released but I’m sure we’ll be hearing about it soon enough.  But even though Resident Evil 4 was called Afterlife and based around a video game, if you recall, Milla Jovovich had indicated back in September when she spoke briefly about a new movie, that the story of Resident Evil 5 may very well be built around fan input.  Meaning that the story building will be more of an interactive process that could involve Twitter, Facebook and whatever process they come up with.

Is that the best way to go?  It scares me.  I’ve seen fan attempts at things and there’s a certain pizazz that’s missing from most of them.  Maybe the creative team behind the fifth movie will take inspirations and clues from fan input and go from there.


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