Restore Joss Whedon – A CSYT Pick

by on May 7, 2010

in Entertainment

The following YouTube video about Joss Whedon is a somewhat smart & funny, yet sarcastic approach to an off-the-wall set of subjects.

I’ll warn you, it’s not that hilarious.  Is it completely engaging? Somewhat. Is it boring? No, it’s not.


If you’re at work, there are a few “choice words” and if you haven’t seen Serenity but are planning to, there is a game ending spoiler!

Presented for your clarification, or if you have 2 minutes to kill while sipping your coffee or other beverage of choice, I present to you A Cinema Static Youtube Pick:

Ignore Stephen Baldwin –

Restore Joss Whedon

PS: If you hit the “Here’s the original” red pop-up, that’s not the video of interest. It’s the video that seemingly sparked the “Restore Joss Whedon” video.

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tielosu December 14, 2010 at 11:11 am

“It’s the video that seemingly sparked the “Restore Joss Whedon” video.”
Are you sure that this is so?

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