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by on January 26, 2017

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Are you getting tired of saying something on Facebook and having people you really don’t want in the conversation chiming in? Yea, some folks chime in where they’re not needed. But that is the nature of the Book of Face, but there are ways to limit who can see what you post to your own feed. (Though of late, everyone can see when you comment or like on anything else in the world.)

The best way to limit who can see your post is to…

Create a Facebook List To Restrict Who Can See Your Posts

If you find yourself often changing up who can see posts you put out there, and on occasion, only want specific folks to see specific posts, consider using Facebook lists.

A list is a just that, a list of names, defined by who you add to it. In some cases, you can make a Family List, or a Hobby List. Or a what ever you want list.

Here’s how you can create lists:

On FB, look at the left side of your news feed and you can see EXPLORE. Under that, you should see ‘Groups,’ ‘Events,’ and the like. In that same section is ‘Friend Lists.’

As you can see, FB has been busy setting up lists “for you” that include things you may have in your past or have visited or shown some kind of interest in, over the months.

At the top is “Create List.”

Click it.

In the ensuing pop-up, the “Create New List” window, name your list, then in the blank “Members” box, start typing!

I’ve created a ‘None of Your Business‘ list… for my ‘underwater basket weaving in underwear’ interests, then in the Members section, I started typing FB user names. Just start typing, no “@” required.

Type, click, repeat, until all the folks you want in this list is done.

Then click “Create.”

Now go to your home page for your “news feed,” and start a post.

When done with your test post, then at the bottom right of your update window, just left of the ‘Post’ button, click, choose ‘More Options,’ find your new list, choose it.

Now when you hit ‘Post,’ only those folks you included in the list will be able to see this post. At least that’s as of today and until FB makes some other changes down the road.

A Quick Reminder though, that despite all the apparent technological expertise behind the doors of Facebook, they have yet to recognize what setting you post to the most, so the next time you post, the setting will probably still be set to your the list you chose.

So after you post your private post, you might want to go back to your feed, and where it says “What’s on your mind?,” set that back to friends or Public again. And hope it keeps.

In the meantime, I’m off to set my ‘News Feed’ back to ‘Most Recent’ for the umpteenth time this week. And despite this filter, there is still no way to block what your friends see you comment or like when surfing ‘the book!’

Hope this helps.

PS: Another way to add someone to a list is to go on your friends list, and there, where it says ‘friends,’ you can hover your mouse over the status and you’ll have an option to add them to any list in your list of lists.

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