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by on October 28, 2017

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This is one of my quick reviews of an older horror flick, 30 Days of Night.

The film is directed by David Slade, whose credits include American Gods, Hannibal, The Twilight Sage: Eclipse, and some other projects.

The cast includes quite a few known actors such as Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston, Ben Foster, Mark Boone Junior, Manu Bennett and more.

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The story takes place in the isolated Alaskan town of Barrow, the northern most town of the U.S.,on the eve of when it goes into its annual cycle of, well, 30 days of darkness, hence its name. But as the sun sets, strange, odd and scary events start to take place around the town.

The town sheriff (Hartnett) encounters this troublesome human (Ben Foster) that is a stranger to town, but no one can figure out how he came in to town. But we, the viewers know how he got there and what he’s been up to.

Once the stranger is caught by the sheriff, the real danger to the 152 citizens of Barrow becomes evident when the phone land lines, cell tower signal and electricity cuts out and the gang or pack of very hungry, or shall I say, bloodthirsty vampires, yes, vampires, comes a calling.

Then the “fun” begins.

But as they first attack the town no one understands why these attackers don’t die when shot? But it doesn’t matter as this hungry hoard makes short work of most of the town folk, except for a small group of survivors.

It’s these survivors that make up the bulk of the second and third acts of the film, looking to try any trick in the book to survive this massacre. But these aren’t stupid vampires. They’re seasoned, old-school hunters and led by a crafty and smart pack leader, played by Huston.

It’s a battle of whits and cunning right down to the end and who comes out on top, well, is something to be seen. IN the end it’s about survival and sacrifice.

The film is based on a three-part graphic novel, and the vampires in this flick aren’t your classic, sexy vampires. They’re a brooding, hunting pack that use craftiness and smarts to hunt, bait and lure their prey out into the open.

Depending on what venue you watch this film in, it can be gory.

And for the record, Barrow, Alaska actually never sees an 30-day span of dark, but it does see a 67-day period when the sun never makes it up over the horizon in winter and an 85-day period of when the sun never quite sets in the summer, and a . Yikes.

This is probably one of my favorite vampire flicks that I can watch over and over. Huston makes for a fantastically guttural pack leader, while Hartnett plays a decent, small town sheriff.

Yes, this is one of my favorite popcorn-fun flick, and on IMDb, it nearly has a score of seven with a 6.6/10. I can’t disagree with that. The story feels rooted in a kind of twisted reality, not taking too many liberties with the real world but just enough to make our humans susceptible to base, classic strengths of the vampire.

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