Book Review: Chaos Walking Trilogy Third Book titled Monsters of Men

by on November 27, 2011

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Chaos Walking book three Monsters of MenA book review from of “Monsters of Men.”

I Just finished the third book in the Chaos Walking book trilogy, titled “Monsters of Men.” The series is written by Patrick Ness.

The Chaos Walking trilogy presented to us a world where men’s thoughts transmit through the air, so there are no secrets there. It’s also a world where animals limited level of chatter is also something you can hear. These few attributes make this story stand out, giving it a unique edge or level of angst to experience while reading the series.

The first two books were solid building blocks to this third and final chapter in the Chaos Walking trilogy. This third book, “Monsters of Men,” brought the story to fruition in a rather satisfying way, but in a very frustrating momentum. (That’s meant to be a compliment to the writing of this book.)

This third chapter was probably the most engaging of the three because even though the first two books were compelling but mildly slow, they put it all out there for it to come together in this third chapter.

If you haven’t read it yet, SPOILERS Are Abound

In “Monster of Men,” the Spackle have come in full force to eliminate the humans. You wouldn’t believe the number of Spackle coming for the humans.

Todd starts out this third chapter as the hostage of ‘The Mayor’ and through the evolution of the story, it almost seems like Todd has affected ‘The Mayor’ to the point of his almost being nice. Almost. But no matter what ‘The Mayor’ says, the reader cringes, just waiting for the act to drop. Or is it an act? In the meantime, Todd seems to be finding himself constantly, but slowly being coerced into being a part of the Mayor’s regime.

The reader is kept on edge or on guard, worried for Todd.

Todd and Viola’s relationship is one seriously confusing entity, that is, if you can wrap your mind around these two being on opposite sides in a war and still develop a trusting relationship!

In this third chapter, we have three side to the war. The Spackle, Prentiss army and army of The Answer. Each side has what seems to be similar ideas about the enemy, while the Answer gets more terrorist like with each passing act. Prentiss’s (The Mayor) deeds, not much better. But when the Spackle come to town, wow, you will truly worry that the humans will not have a chance.

But then, Viola’s group of settlers are coming and a scout ship shows up. And of course, everyone scrambles to become their friends.

This final book of Walking Chaos was truly a serious tension builder, as you read it expecting certain things to happen, that seem to never materialize, while other things did happen that makes the read hope, then get frustrated. And again, the loyalty that animals have towards their human companions is evidenced and once again, your heart ripped out as they give everything they have for their human friends.

In the end…

Well, I’ll let you find out what happens in the end of this trilogy. But suffice it to say, this was the best of the three Walking Chaos books.

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