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by on August 18, 2017

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Review Fortitude season 2

As you may or may not know, Fortitude was a Sky Atlantic production and aired on Pivot TV. But Pivot became insolvent and suddenly Sky and Pivot’s most popular drama ever, had an uncertain future. But then Amazon picked up the show and streamed it to their Prime members and those who wanted to rent it. And to be upfront, it’s worth it.

The second season of Fortitude, for all its quirks and dry dramatic delivery, was just as compelling to watch as the first season,  but in a different way, now that we know who or what was the underlying culprit to all the evil doings. At least if you saw the first season.

Fortitude on Amazon.

The second season saw the introduction of Dennis Quaid and Parminder Nagra while regulars like Richard Dormer reprises his role of the once gravely ill Sheriff Dan Anderssen, Sofie Gråbøl as Hildur Odegard and others, as forces of nature and humanity takes its toll on this small remote town of Fortitude. Again.

Season one followed Fortitude’s Sheriff Dan Anderssen, a tiny and isolated town that is changing via a kind of natural habitat upheaval due to parasite and pathogen activity that originated in the carcass of a preserved Woolly Mammoth. Events led Dan to shooting the woman he loved, and after being consumed with guilt, he disappeared into the wilderness and was presumed dead. Without a sheriff, season two sees that the people of Fortitude beginning to wonder whether Deputy Eric Odegard (Björn Hlynur  Haraldsson), can fill his shoes. Then a body is discovered in town and Eric must step up and lead the grisly murder investigation. Suddenly Dan reappears but as a broken ruin of the man he once was and seemingly wild to the point of feral. Quaid stars as Michael Lennox, a failing fisherman and patriarch of a family who is struggling to come to terms with his terminally ill wife, and will try anything to find a cure.

Like the first season, this second season felt like a combined genre of sci-fi meets murder mystery, but we really know what’s happening. Don’t We?

We don’t necessarily have needed to watch the first season because through this season, they fill in some of the back details, but it can’t hurt to have watched it. It was quite a fascinating premise.

Once again, we’re lured into the stories that started in season one, the woman who Dan shot last season, now under some kind of medically induced coma. That is, until we realize that when she comes to by accident, that we realize that this coma is induced for corporate evil intentions.

We have new murders taking place around the town, where someone is loping off heads. Cleanly. And then we have other folks causing their own issues. It’s all a bit of a mess that captivates and pulls you in, much like one of those Doctor Who episodes that is confounding but makes just enough sense that it doesn’t drive you away. It takes a bit of patience to see it through the first few episodes.

As the season progresses, things start to come together and make more sense. It does take a bit of patience. The story takes no prisoners. There are those we like that may die, others we don’t like that we wish would die, possibly don’t. And some do.

Quaid and Nagra are perfect in their roles in this show, Quaid, a struggling fisherman finding himself in a tough situation that no one would want to find themselves in, and Nagra, who delivers a perfectly pragmatic doctor in search of something, some secret that the city of Fortitude has to unveil. No matter what the cost, including human morals.

And to be honest, I am really, really starting to like Richard Dormer!

I really enjoyed watching the second season and am fervently hoping and waiting for a third season. I can’t wait to see where they take the show.

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