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by on December 27, 2014

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Battle of the Damned on Syfy a reviewOh did I catch a doozy of a Syfy movie the other day, and can not not review it! Or at least talk about it for but a minute of your time.

Battle of the Damned stars the stiffly aging Dolph Lundgren (Who was also one of the executive producers of the film), Melanie Zanetti, Matt Doran and more in a TV film written and directed by Christopher Hatton, who has brought us such “classics” as Robotropolis, Sammyville and Cyber Wars.

We all know Dolph Lundgren, from his Rocky days plus some of his latest films like Universal Soldier, the timeless classic failure called Masters of the Universe and the Expendables movie franchise.

The movie is about a genetics lab whose virus experiments gets out into the population, hence, infecting an entire large city. Yes, it does sound like the Resident Evil lore of the film, but hey, I’m sure they weren’t the first, just the bigger film name that tagged the origin of their “T Virus” plague.

So the population of the city gets infected, turning them into high functioning zombies, if you must, exactly like Resident E… well, you get it.

The man behind the company whose virus is infecting the city hires a private military soldier by the name of Max Gatling (Lundgren) to rescue his daughter from the city, Jude (Zanetti).

He heads into the city with a small squad to face off against the legions of zomb… I mean infected. The infected can run pretty fast but can be easily defeated by sliced necks, well placed bullets and what not.

He finds the girl, who has some friends, but getting them out is a totally different story since some of them do not want to leave. Sigh. Oh, and they find themselves some killer robots willing to follow Gatling’s orders.

To be honest, I recorded this movie when it came on Syfy, but that was close to two months ago and I did not feel overly compelled to watch it. I just got back from a road trip and spinning down from it and pulled this up instead of the myriad of holiday movies we recorded BEFORE Christmas.

Sure, it’s a bit stiff in the production style. Sure, it’s a bit off in logistics between scenes, if for any other reason than to forward the story with what I guess are specific action points they wanted to write around… rather than letting things flow. Sure, most of the acting was not as fluid and engaging as most movies you like watching.

But if you like watching that same few people continually hacking, shooting, running from and smiting these “not” zombies, peppered with the seasoned talent of Lundgren, well, then this movie is for you!

It does not completely suck, and if you don’t watch it too closely, you won’t notice how stiff Lundgren is in his action scenes. If you count walking and light jogging as action.

Battle of the Damned does not completely suck and makes for a great time killer if there is nothing else on TV and you have nothing else going on. Otherwise, don’t stop your day to catch this flick!

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