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by on June 4, 2013

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Taking Eden Group ensemble

Taking Eden is a gritty tale of a small town girl named Marnie, who finds herself in the middle of a big city drug scene.

Our small town girl has a fuzzy experience on one of her first nights in the town, and it’s a vague experience that maybe even the reader isn’t sure about at first.  On the other side of this evil coin is the man behind the drug ring, named Sky.  But this isn’t a normal drug, as we might know it.  It’s called Eden and its source leans more towards the mystical draining of innocence from young victims.

Taken Eden is an indie title created by Jason Beckwith and Malcolm Johnson.  And if you’re a Project Arbiter fan, then you also know that Jason was the director of photography for the Michael Chance project.

Marnie from Taking Eden comic title

The art from the title is dark, edgy and very gritty or realistic.  There’s very little glitz in this comic title production.  Plus it’s not for just any audience, but rather, for an adult audience with its many themes of a dark and adult nature.  And that’s exactly what Jason wants from this title.

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