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Passengers movie reviewThis is a quick movie review of Passengers, starring Chris Pratt (Starlord! LOL) and Jennifer Lawrence. The film is directed by Morten Tyldum. (The Imitation Game, Headhunters) off a script by Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, Doctor Strange).

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Passengers starts out with viewers being introduced to the Avalon, a space ship shuttling five thousand sleeping space pioneers and two hundred and fifty-eight crew to the next planet Earth, because Earth is “too crowded or too overpriced.” We watch the ship, a fully automated ship, on its 120-year journey, while it deals with issues as they come up.

But of course something does go wrong, when with Jim’s (Pratt) sleep chamber and he wakes up 90 years too early. At first he tries everything he can think of until he finally figures out how to send a message to the parent company, only to find out just how long that message will take to get to them, a reply back. We watch him spend a year tooling around the ship until he starts to get bored, going stir crazy, and during one of his bored musings, he encounters Aurora (Lawrence), asleep in her own sleep chamber.

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And suddenly he has a quandary… he wants to wake her, but should he? No, he shouldn’t. But he “needs” to. His resolved to do the right thing fails and he wakes her, then runs, so she’ll think she was another malfunction.

Things evolve as you think they might, being the only couple on a giant ship, but then, things start to go wrong with the ship, first in little steps, then bigger steps. things start to go wrong and suddenly it’s a doomed fight for survival.

– – –

It was fun watching Pratt discover all there was to do on the Avalon after he first woke up, and then to watch him get to the point of extreme boredom was a bit distressful, so he was doing a fine job portraying the situation. I’m not a Jennifer Lawrence fan, but I liked her in this role.  Things became interesting after Jim wakes up Aurora, and it becomes a delicious amount of tension, watching him be extremely patient as he learns about her, and she, about him.

And then to watch the little snags from the ship’s computer take place kept you on edge, knowing (because of the trailers) that “sheet” is going to hit the fan. And it does.

Most of the movie is the story of the two humans dealing with their situation, first Pratt then the two of them. That was captivating. The issues that were developing were also something that kept you wondering just how things were going to end up getting pretty screwed up. The big story cap really did not take up the entire third act, as we were mostly engaged by the human interactions of the only two people on a huge ship.

But there were some issues with the story… though, to be honest, they popped up later on in the story, which pulled some of the steam from the overall plot. I mean, there were some seriously obvious omissions from the end of the story that makes no sense.

But overall, it was a fun story and film to watch. I could easily give the film a popcorn 7/10.

STORY SPOILERS FOLLOW, DO NOT READ if you appreciate plot tension points:

The few things that hit me as the end of the movie approached were:

As the ship started experiencing catastrophic failures, there were multiple systems failing throughout the ship, but when they found the first/original cause of all the failures, fixing that seemed to magically fix everything else that had started going wrong. Wha? Or they just glossed over the fact that once the big problem was resolved, they spent the necessary time to take care of the rest of the little issues.

The other issue that hit me was as the movie ended, they jumped ahead 88 years into the future when the ship officers were waking up. At this point, Jim and Aurora had been together and died of old age. But as the crew wakes up, I’m a bit surprised there were no kids Jim/Aurora kids waiting for the crew. I mean, after all that time, they didn’t have kids? Or did the director want to completely skip even addressing that issue and other socially awkward side-issues?

These two points had me ask “Hey, what the heck?” and distracted me from the overall scheme of the story, but still, like I said, fun movie.

– – –

The other thing that distracted me a bit was back when the movie came out, I had taken note that some folks took issue with Jim waking up Aurora, for his own selfish purposes. I had noted some folks called it a perverse kind of kidnapping. In the movie Aurora calls it akin to murder when she finds out what really happened.

With that in mind, it was a bit distracting to have that in my head while watching the movie, because yes, it’s a bit freaky that Jim fell head over heels for her while she was asleep, and then to wake her up for his own design can be viewed as pretty creepy.

Other than that, like I said, fun film regardless.

Movie Trailer for Passengers

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