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So supposedly this is the last of the Resident Evil franchise movies, and if it is, so be it. Most of these films have been mindless popcorn fun, but this last film felt like they barely mailed it in. There’s a reason its fan base gave The Final Chapter  a 5.6 out of 10 on IMDb.

Written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, the film strives to finish up the franchise, with the sweet promise that this will be the last one. And for me to say that, well, the franchise has been fun but that last few were just stretching it to make a quick buck for Anderson and wife, Milla.

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Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up, is attacked by a monster or two, gets captured by the computer AI known as the Red Queen (Ever Anderson), told to go to Racoon city. On the way she’s captured a number of times until she hooks up with Claire (Ali Larter).

All of Claire’s people hate Alice and want to kill her, but then let her command their defenses when the bad guys with super cool armored vehicles show up.

But then the bad guys keep beating her up and she can’t seem to kill one particular bad guy, Dr Isaacs (Iain Glen), no matter how many chances she gets.

So Claire’s people follow her into Racoon City… and get chased by the skinless zombie dogs. Then there are a lot of “hurry up!” moments as they almost get crushed, cut up by a razor sharp air filtration system fans,  and what not.

It’s the same old sh… stuff, different title.

Then Alice runs into the original or upgraded version of Dr. Isaacs, and they have this predictive imagination battle, thinking out what they’ll do to each other. Then we meet the different renditions of Alice…

Yes, I said that.

And even though they titled this “film” The Final Chapter, it ends with an open ending, giving them the undeniable power of threatening film audiences with the threat that if this film did well enough, there might be another one?  No worries.

I think it will be a great TV movie, that’s for sure and I’m glad I didn’t drop any money on the film at the box office, considering I am tossing out a popcorn 4/10.

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