Review of Syfy’s ‘True Bloodthirst’

by on July 14, 2012

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Andrew Lee Potts and Neil Jackson in 'True Bloodthirst,' a review

True Bloodthirst is the world where humans and vampires coexist and the creation of a synthetic blood helps humans and vampires coexist.  (Where have we heard that theme before?)

True Bloodthirst premiered on Syfy channel and it opens with a blood dealer selling a rare blood type to a few vampires, but the sale is interrupted by something else that rips everyone, vamps and the human, to shreds.

Subsequent intro scenes show humanity learning more about a vampires and then humanity moves the vampires into a region called sector 5.  (Hmm, where have I heard THIS idea before?)

But humans and vampires form a team to hunt this new threat and we watch the tense team building develop.

With a title like True Bloodthirst, I was sure this was an Asylum rip-off, but it wasn’t.  It looks like UFO Films is now on-board with the blatant rip offs.

Aside from the title and the blatant rip off description, the action in this movie borrows heavily from various movies…  Priest comes to mind in a few scenes and other movies come to mind in other scenes.

'True Bloodthirst' on Syfy, A review

Directed by Todor Chapkanov, whose past credits include such “hits” as Miami Magma, Dark Relic and the like.  The cast includes Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval), Neil Jackson (Make It or Break It), Ben Lambert and Claudia Bassols.

Fan favorite Andrew Lee Potts plays Harker, a bad-ass vampire hunter, forced to work with vampires.  His rough and tough character, by no fault of his own, is rather predictable, as he too is modeled after other bad-boy heroes from movies we’ve all seen.  But a job is a job, right gang?

Despite the repeated and obvious plagiarism that Syfy is willing to propagate, this isn’t the worse they ever put out.  For me, I was doing other things and it was good background filler.  But I am not sure I’d recommend going out of your way to watch True Bloodthirst.

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