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by on March 23, 2013

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A book review of The Awakened series.

I recently finished books one through three of The Awakened series, by Jason Tesar.  The three books are Awaken His Eyes: The Awakened Book One, Paths of Destruction: The Awakened Book Two & Hands To Make War: The Awakened Book Three.  I had picked up the “Combined Edition” of all three after reading the first solo title. (Which is free online)

Up front, I’d love to say that the story was very entertaining and for me, was a page-turner, as I couldn’t wait to see what was next.  But Jason uses an interesting method of telling the story that is interesting and kept this reader turning page after page.

The Awakened series starts out following a man named Adair, from a time a long, long ago.  He finds himself pursuing a mystery in his realm.  But tackling that situation uncovers a mystery of a very efficient enemy that seems unstoppable, and he disappears while investigating.  His family is left to carry on without him.

His wife is given to his successor, as is the law of his land, but his son angers his replacement father and gets sent to a prison, to languish out the rest of his years.  But fate had another plan for Kael, big plans.  But who had thunk?

One thing leads to another, and another and Kael has quite the task in front of him, trying to save the world.

Meanwhile, Adair ends up in a strange world of horseless wagons, flying machines and two secret groups of men very interested in Adair when he “showed up” in their time.

Curious?  The books follow Adair to a short extent, but mostly Kael… in his own time.  Heh, that’s enough about the details.

The story follows Kael’s adventures and life as he grows up and develops into the man he is destined to become.  The story moves along with just enough detail to fill out this strange new world and yet, not too much to drag the pace down.  We’re shown a world, a time long ago, in a realm that may or may not be the past of Earth.  (I’ll leave that for you to decide.)

All in all, a fun read.  Characters develop over time, relationships rise and fall, and the end game for our heroes seems rather…  properly developed.

The Awakened Book Series

I picked up my book every chance I had, just before sleep, during lunch, stop lights.  Yep, I found it that engaging.  My only frustration was it ended too soon, but to be honest, it ended at a perfect moment, with the tease of future writings by Jason Tesar!  My other frustration is that Jason will be working more on the prequel than sequels to the story.  I guess, all in good time… damnit.

The following is a spoiler of details from the story that I did not want to toss into the basic review.  If you like your stories fresh, avert thy eyes now!

The author’s description of the story talks of angels, a prophecy, and a physical dimension with numerous fragmented worlds moving simultaneously through time, sharing a common history, connected only by a guarded portal.

Honestly, there’s more background to this franchise that was not in the books, or at least, if pointed at, wasn’t blatant about it.  Again, a fascinating style of Jason’s.  But it’s not a problem, the story keeps it going and grounded.

I think the story of Kael was molded nicely, from the son of Adair, to the prisoner with the other kids, and his upbringing in the monastery.  To become the very efficient fighter, whose skills and experiences seem to ignite some innate power within him.

For lack of a better reference, the abilities of Kael, I would imagine, were perfectly described in such a way, to have you know this is how “the force” worked.  His sensing his immediate vicinity, to his own body, and finally, being able to manipulate matter.  It evolved slowly through the different stages of the story, in a natural progression.

The author seemed to have thought this aspect out in detail and did not overuse it, but rather, slowly, over time.

This power of Kael’s was a journey in and of itself, a pretty fun one to follow in The Awakened book series.


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