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by on November 29, 2013

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Halle Berry in The Call

I just caught the 2013 movie titled The Call, starring Halle Berry.

The Call is about a 911 operator who takes a call from a kidnapped teen stuck in a trunk of a car and tries to talk her through it.

The movie is directed by Brad Anderson, whose movie resume includes Transsiberian and the 2004 movie, The Machinist.

Halle Berry plays Jordan Turner, a 911 operator.

We get a wee bit of history on Jordan and as the first act proceeds, we watch her get a call of a kidnapped teen played by Abigail Breslin (Signs, Ender’s Game).

The second act follows our 911 operator and kidnapped teen communicating on a burner cell phone, trying to help them locate where she is.  (Burner phones don’t have GPS).

But things go a wee bit wrong and we get carried into the third act wondering who is going to win this game of verbal cat and mouse.  And Berry’s character goes a bit off the operational standard protocol of a 911 operator.

To be honest, despite a decent supporting cast, the three primary players we are engaged with are played by Berry, Breslin and our wonderfully psychotic kidnapper played by Michael Eklund (Assault on Wall Street).

For, I’m not a Halle Berry fan, but she played it well, between a distraught operator who has a haunted past from another kidnap call.

Breslin was a wonderful kidnap victim who can actually take instruction over the phone.

And Eklund manages kooky, crazy rather nicely.  He’s a bit predictable, but not in too obvious of a fashion.

Regardless, in the final act you’ll be questioning some character decisions but …  OH, what am I doing?  I don’t want to spoil it.

I was surprised to have been as entertained as I was by the film.  When it was coming out in theaters, the marketing never drew me in enough and not being a Berry fan, I skipped.

But I must say, as it came up on my pay channel movie, I hung around to see if I had missed anything. And I was surprised to see that I did.

Movie Review Popcorn Score 08The suspense was well done and had me gripping the metaphorical seat edge.  Some action scenes are done in a unique, sort of artsy fashion that is actually interesting.  Again, not detracting.

The Call was not a waste of time for me, and I suspect could be a worthy rental for some, that’s for sure.

I’ve give it a popcorn-8 score.

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