Review: The Day The Earth Stood Still (w/ Reeves)

by on September 27, 2009

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The Day The Earth Stood StillThis Day The Earth Stood Still remake, directed by Scott Derickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) and written by David Scarpa and Edmund H. North (1079’s Meteor), starts out pretty mysterious and exciting as Keanu Reeves finds a glowing orb in the mountains and ends up with a strange metal thingy on the back of his hand. The next time we see him, the alien visitor is reborn in Reeves image.

Jennifer Connely is swept out of her home by mysterious govt. entities that had the roads cleared to be able to transport her to the designated destination.

The Day The Earth Stood Still 2009They spot an object headed on a collision course for Earth. That ship is a heck of a lot bigger than the original movie’s flying saucer!!

Oops… someone shot the alien before even saying hi. That didn’t go well. OK, GORT is cool.

The first half is pretty fun. The govt meets an alien, they shoot him, they capture him and tell him what their plans are, regardless of what he says.

When Klatuu has had enough, he decides to leave… they have no option. It’s awesome.

It’s an interesting take on people’s perspectives. They exemplify the reaction of fear that people have and in one particular emotion, to fight against things they don’t understand.

Klatuu starts the process to destroy the earth… you see, if the earth dies, people die. If the people die, the earth lives, and it’s one of very few planets that can support this kind of life. When it’s almost too late, Klatuu realizes that humanity can change.f

The Day The Earth Stood Still 2009 - Keanu Reeves and Jennifer ConnellyJennifer Connely and Keanu Reeves do what they do best, and that’s be who they are in a different role. But in this case, it’s fine. They’ve fulfilled their roles nicely and carried the film through to its end. When was the last time Keanu Reeves didn’t play a monotoned character? Did I miss something?

Was The Day The Earth Stood Still (2009) a 10? Nope. But it didn’t suck either. It was a bold move letting this relatively newbish creative team tackle this remake and these stars and that makes me wonder where either of their careers are headed if they’re jumpin on board remakes with inexerienced creators. Eh, they pulled it off, and the supporting cast made the show pretty fun too. Kathy Bates, Jaden Smith, John Cleese, Robert Knepper and others.

I’m looking at it as a Saturday popcorn flick. (Or whenever you rent it with On Demand)

If you have expectations of seeing a superbly crafted story, I’d say 6 out of 10 because it was at least interesting, had cool affects and there were a few spots that I was wondering in what direction they were going to take this remake of the 1951 classic. If you go in with no expectations, just lookin’ to spend some time watching something you snagged as a rental, I’d say a 7. I refuse to do 1/2 numbers. What’s the point?

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