Review ‘The Hunger Games’ Book 3: ‘Mockingjay’

by on October 22, 2011

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THE HUNGER GAMES third book - mockingjay - by suzanne collinsThis is a book review of The Hunger Games book trilogy’s third title, “Mockingjay.”

In my first review of The Hunger Games first book in the Suzanne Collins trilogy, we saw Katnis Everdeen get drawn into The Hunger Games.

In the second book, “Catching Fire,” we watched Katniss get pulled into a second games, all because of those pesky berries.  (Fans will understand that reference.)

Now, in the third and final installment of The Hunger Games book series, we see where this dystopian society is headed or heading.  We were teased about District 13 in “Catching Fire,” but now we know it’s real in “Mockingjay.”

In Mockingjay

Katnis reluctantly becomes the symbol of the rebellion, known as the Mockingjay, as the districts go into an uprising against the Capitol.

Things get so complicated for our characters.  Peeta gets captured by the Capitol, but he’s rescued.  Yet while in detention, he was brain washed and now all he wants to do is kill Katniss when he sees her.

And through it all, though she’s relatively safe in District 13, Katniss soon discovers that she is yet a pawn in another scheme set out by President Coin from D13.

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It’s Simple, Yet…

It’s a bit complicated, but as this book series comes to a close, you aren’t sure exactly how it’s going to end.

Some good things happen, some ugly things happen.  And Katniss can be rather head-strong or self-destructive, which ever you think is more applicable.

Plus…  there’s finally a resolution to that pesky confusion of a love triangle between Katniss, Peeta and Gale.

But It Is An Enjoyable Read

Again, the third book is a wonderful, “can’t put down” kind of read.  Literally.

All three books, I found well worth the money dropped on my kindle versions.  And  as far as I’m concerned, properly priced on Amazon, for a Kindle edition.  (I’ve always believed that the kindle versions, that aren’t produced on paper, or handled, or shipped, should never be the same price as a hardcover or paperback book.  It just doesn’t make sense.)

I recommend The Hunger Games trilogy for all ages.

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