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by on July 22, 2017

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Voltron review s2 Netflix

This is a review of the Netflix streaming series, Voltron. If you liked the first season of the revival of Voltron on Netflix, you WILL LOVE the second season of this animated season.

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The second season of Voltron on Netflix opened to resolving what happened in that last-minute cliffhanger they hit us with at the close of season one. (I hate cliffhangers). And rather than wrap it up in one quickie episode like many TV shows might do, they take their time to extrapolate on multiple stories with different characters through a few episodes.

Believe it or not, the stories are rather engaging and they almost make their 30-minute episodes feel not long enough. To be honest, though I think the 30-minute episodes are timed just right, it would be a waste of talent and viewer’s time to try and draw out stories with banter and filler to make 60-minute episodes.

Instead, as the second-season episodes unravel, we learn a bit more about everyone. And that everyone includes the lions. Yes, the lions.

First up, I love how we don’t have to see Voltron get formed in every episode. Nope, sometimes the guys have to fend for themselves or themselves and their lions on their own tasks. It gave the characters and lions a bit more depth than the usual animated series might do. I loved that.

The other thing I found fascinating is that we started to actually start learning about the origins of the lions and the spirits they possess. We also watched at how each pilot needs to keep working at making their bond with their lion stronger. As the pilot-lion bonds grow stronger, new levels of power or abilities can be revealed to the pilot.

For a cartoon, the mythology they’re building behind the cast of characters, both good and bad, is fascinating. And unlike the originating cartoons, they’re truly bringing the lions to life in their own way.

All of this is making the continuing story a captivating experience. Now if they would just quit ending their seasons in cliffhangers, everything would be perfect!

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