Reviews: “Batman vs Dracula” and “Superman/Doomsday”

by on January 3, 2014

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Believe it or not, I finally am getting around to a few features on my Amazon Prime watch list!  (Boys weekend home)

The Batman vs Dracula (2005)

The Batman vs Dracula review

The animated feature titled “The Batman vs Dracula” takes yet another popular fictional character and pitches Batman’s wits and battle against them. In this case, those bone heads Joker and Penguin accidentally unleash this vampire nightmare during one of their little shin digs. Dracula just happened to have been imprisoned in a crypt there in Gotham City.

When he awakens, Dracula sees opportunity in turning the citizens into his own army of walking undead. And when Batman first encounters a vampire, it’s hard for him to believe what he’s fighting. But when he goes to put the bad guy down, he’s surprised at how resilient and strong he turns out to be.

Later at a party Bruce Wayne gives, he meets Dr. Allucard. Or that’s what he calls himself at the party. But Bruce becomes suspicious, and despite logic, sooner or later Bruce and Alfred become convinced that Dracula is in town.

But there are complications.

The Batman vs Dracula

Dracula is lightning fast, super strong, hard to get a hold of and hits hard. Much to Batman’s chagrin.

To add to the problem, Penguin is possessed by Dracula and Joker is turned into a vampire, and he makes a pretty cool, crazy vampire. But, well, as usual, Bruce puts his scientific mind to work to deal with the problem.

To be honest, I liked this rendition of Dracula and if you’re a fan of the animated Batman, I think this is a pretty likable animated flick.

The cast includes Rino Romano as Batman and Peter Stormare as Dracula and is distributed by Warner Bros..
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Superman/Doomsday (2007)

Superman-Doomsday review

The animated feature opens in a grand way, with credits and such like you would see in an actual movie.

In the opening act, we’re introduced to Lex Luthor, who was drilling deep underground for an energy source.  We’re also introduced the relationship that Superman and Lois are having. (Yet she doesn’t know he’s Clark Kent?)

Then Lex’s drilling crew finds the chamber that imprisons Doomsday and accidentally breaks the outer skin, releasing the angry Kryptonian killing machine.


And thus begins the biggest, knock down, drag out fight in Superman’s life. And before the 30-minute mark, the fight is over. Superman is dead, long live Superman. Because like the comic, Clark comes back to life, but things aren’t quite right.


The animated feature starts out much different than the comic book but the movie has to get to the point quicker than how the comic did it so many years ago, in the 1990’s. And wrap the big fight up faster too, because they have a story that needs to be told and continued beyond the moment when his cape is found flapping like a flag on a piece of debris from the fight.

The story has familiar elements from the Doomsday saga as well as quite a few different ones to keep you guessing what’s coming around the corner.

Familiar and yet not. It’s actually quite refreshing and the third act is pretty fresh.  It’s like an alternate take, maybe from an alternate universe.

The voice cast is filled with known names. Adam Baldwin is Superman, Anne Heche plays Lois Lane, James Marsters voices Lex Luthor.  Story and directorial forces include Bruce Timm and Lauren Montgomery.

Also of note… Doomsday does what he does best…  kill.  They don’t pull back on that… thought you should know.

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