Revolution: Has The Big Mystery Been Let Out of the Bag?

by on October 30, 2012

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Revolution starts with a mysterious, world-wide power outage. There was no warning, it just happened in a wave-like progression. Poof, no power.

When the lights went out, cars came to a grinding halt, trains coasted to a stop, airplanes fell out of the sky. To be honest, it’s a creepy good idea that gets you (or at least myself) wondering what did happen to the electricity around the entire planet? And how is it, that certain people knew it was coming?

As it stands, the world was thrown back in to the classic days of yesteryear, where everything is done manually and people have to make do.

That is, once they got past the growing pains of the evil people stealing and plundering.

But now, small villages have popped up, self-reliant. Militia has formed, taking control of some aspects of the world… like the no firearms rule, and what not. (They want to be the only ones with guns I guess.)

Tracy Spiridakos in Revolution - TV's best new show

It’s a fascinating background to the story of Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), who with her uncle Miles (Billy Burke), are on a trek to locate someone who can help in the scheme of things.

But Charlie’s actress is a huge distraction for many, but the story behind and around this character is an interesting one, indeed. And the show is heralded by Eric Kripke, the man behind Supernatural, 2005’s Boogeyman, The Adjustment Bureau and more.

He’s hit the mark in most of his work and in the premiere of Revolution, he was backed by director Jon Favreau, and exec producer J.J. Abrams is also in a long list of producers.

Even if the girl is distracting, I try to grit my teeth and ignore her part in it and enjoy the rest. That’s because frankly, I am curious about this powerless society and not only how it came about, but how it might be fixed.

If you’re curious about the (possible) mechanism behind the blackout, I will be touching on that, so…

Spoilers ahead. Leave while you still can. (I’ll be bauck!)

Billy Burke in Revolution

First up, I was a bit disappointed to find out that Kripke is writing the scripts/stories on the fly. Sure, some series do this, but I thought this story of Revolution was a bit more thought out than that.

So basically, the production team plummeted the Earth in darkness, and will figure it out later. Boo.

But here’s the spoiler bit (leave now if you don’t want things ruined for you):

Kripke was talking about being in the writers’ room and they’re talking about making the big reveal long before the end of the season.

(I’d think a big reveal coming this early in a season is a sign that ratings aren’t doing too hot. But they’re pretty strong in one demographic.)

And that reveal is that, despite my thinking evil people or giant aliens, is that they’re (the writers) are looking at the ideas of electrical magnetic storms and/or solar flares as the premise behind the lights-out situation.

But I’m not sure they’re being upfront about this.

If it were a solar flare, more people around the world would have known about it. The news is one for reporting exciting potentials, and solar flares would have been on the news.

But in the series premiere, Ben Matheson (Tim Guinee) knew it was going to happen. Does this indicate human intervention, or just a series of scientists who were prepared for a huge solar flare? That would make sense. That’s for sure.

NBC's Revolution

So do you think this is just a tease for the TV consumer or is this on par with Kripke’s plans?

In the gist of Lost, where all things were never answered until the last episode, the idea of keeping the TV viewers hooked with mystery is a grade-A premise. If it’s done well and we’re not distracted by a whiny girl who crinkles her forehead every 10 minutes, Revolution can be a great genre hit for NBC.


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