Revolution: My Funny Picture of the Day

by on November 11, 2012

in Entertainment

(opinion/humor) In NBC’s Revolution, we’ve been presented with sly marketing and a stupid girls journey (she keeps making stupid calls and doing… not smart things) in pursuit of her captive brother while the world experiences a global power outage. Fan reactions to Tracy Spiridakos portrayal of her character ranges mostly from annoying to even more annoyed. (And yes, there are fans of her and the show too, but I’m in the other camp for now.)

In that light, for the anti-fans of Spiridakos, I thought I’d take the following image and add the caption

Tracy Spiridakos in Revolution action scene

How… Does… This… Thing work????

~ ~ ~

Here’s another still where Uncle Miles looks completely sick of her whining:

Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos in Revolution

OK.. I’ve had my fun with Revolution

I like the story but I think the show may be doomed. They’re having the big reveal pretty early on and NBC is giving it a 3-month break to air another show. That kind of production behavior, in the past, has been indicative of a show on some bubble somewhere.

Then again, Revolution never breaks the top-25 in total viewers for any week. But fans can hope! Right?

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