Revolution Ratings Slide Downward Each Week

by on October 9, 2012

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Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos in Revolution

Billy Burke (Oh god, there she goes again! I wish Bella were here.)

The premise behind NBC’s Revolution, with it’s mystery global power loss, is interesting. 99% of the cast is well placed. And as the show develops week after week, the story being told is a good one as we move forward, learn about pasts and catch up on new and developing plots.

But viewers are getting a bit tired of Revolution, or are they?

As TV By The Numbers made note,

The adults 18-49 ratings keep falling week to week [4.2, 3.4, 3.2, 3.1].

But by NBC standards, that’s not horrible either, considering how some of their other shows are doing. NBC has been known to renew shows that pull out a 1.7, so this isn’t horrid for them. But is there a reason the show’s numbers are in a downward slide?

I’d like to think the horrible characterization of the Charlie character could be part of it. The actress isn’t pulling it off for me and is a distraction I have to force myself to try and ignore. (Though last night I was cheering heavily for that “arrow tied to the door handle” trick last night.)

Or is this the business as usual mode, where viewers pile in, like the show, get comfortable with it and fade away to the point of the cancellation monster starting to look at a new chew toy? Like some shows that are much beloved but taken for granted, you have to realize that low ratings will kill a show, no matter what you think about it.

Then again, networks have to make it interesting enough for our sample stat Nielsen families to tune in.

Tracy Spiridakos in Revolution

When not talking, she looks bad ass…

Regardless of the mechanism, numbers are dropping… even while NBC ads for the show keep implementing that 30 million folks have watched the show. (It was up 1 million from the ad a week before.) I presume they’re adding ALL VIEWS on ALL VENUES since they started making Revolution available as an early preview on VoD, and online.

I can’t wait to see what numbers they put up this/next week!

Last night’s numbers for 10pm looked like this:

Net: Show, Total viewers, 18-49
ABC: Castle, 10.5 million (2.2)
CBS: Hawaii Five-0, 9 million (2.2)
NBC: Revolution, 8.2 million (3.1)

Oddly, the least amount of folks watched the show, but the important demographic chimed in with the largest percentage of the viewers for NBC.

Executive producer Jon Favreau tried to help the show and tease what’s coming up, even if, in the same statement, he admits his non-involvement since the pilot:

“The viewer will get a sense of the science behind what’s happening, the political circumstances, why the world went dark as well as getting to know more about the family at the center of it. As you learn what’s happening around the country and the world, there’s a lot of fun to be had… Hopefully I will be able to go to North Carolina and be involved in one of the shoots.”


To be constructive about Revolution, I think the show would be so much better if it focused on Miles than it would on Charlie. She’s more of a strong supporting character and that would right the angst I feel when watching the show. I can’t get a read on Charlie. She’s an abandoned victim one minute, then some ballsy chick who won’t take no for an answer the next. Telling her to “stay here” is akin to saying, “Go throw yourself out in front of the guns babe” The problem is she’s way more believable as the victim than the boss-chick. Let’s retool the focus gang! Let’s make it about Miles and/or a few others, not Charlie. Many folk are chiming in around the web about the actor and the character. I can’t help but take notice. And if I’ve seen it, I would think that NBC saw it. I think my proposed change would help ratings a bit. Don’t you think?

But before you say it… yes, like a train wreck, I keep watching. There’s nothing else on that I can watch (everything else at 10 is dinner fodder with the wife the next day, so I “can’t” watch) and I’m usually up.

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