Reward Posted For Those Who Drown A Cat in Redwood City with Weights

by on November 3, 2011

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The Peninsula Humane Society is offering a $2,250 award for information leading to the gutless individual or individuals who tied a 5-pound dumbbell to a 12-year old cat and tossed it into a Redwood City lagoon in Northern California to drown.

Brusimm Divider 400wThe dead cat was spotted in the Bay Area lagoon by a public works employee, who discovered that the weight was tied to its neck with zip ties.

The black-and-white cat had front declawed paws. The body was found today, (11/3/11), and is estimated to have been in the water for a few days.

The hopes from the $2,250 reward is of course designed to help people step forward with any information about whoever did this, possibly bringing closure to the owners who lost the cat.

The reward is for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) who drowned the poor, innocent animal.

More than likely, if they are brought to justice, they will face felony animal cruelty charges. I think they deserve much worse.

Anyone with information should call the Peninsula Humane Society at (650) 340-8200 or send an e-mail to

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People like this, I don’t get how they get this cold-hearted. Too many times we read about animals mistreated or abused by these kinds of people. These are small, defenseless animals. Seriously… People like this make me speechless. I hope this reward offer helps located these horrible people.


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