‘Rise: Blood Hunter’ on Syfy Channel, A Quick Review

by on October 16, 2011

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Review of Rise: Blood Hunter, aired on Syfy:

'Rise: Blood Hunter' promo poster

Rise: Blood Hunter is a fascinating surprise of a movie that airs on the Syfy channel.  It may not have pulled huge numbers at the box office when it opened in 2007, but for a movie that airs on Syfy, it’s one of their better fare.

It stars Lucy Liu as Sadie Blake, Michael Chiklis as Clyde Rawlins, & James Darcy as Bishop.  And keep your eyes out, and you’ll even catch Nick Lachey.

It was directed (and written) by Sebastian Gutierrez (Girl Walks Into a Bar, Elektra Luxx).

Basically, it’s about a reporter (Liu) who pursues a story so aggressively that she wakes up in the morgue to discover she’s a vampire.  She struggles with her new condition and finds that being a vampire doesn’t agree with her.  She finds herself under the wing of an old wise one who trains her how to deal with things and then she spends her time hunting down the vampire that turned her into one (Darcy).

It’s a somber, quiet, slow but thought out movie that actually has an engaging story with Liu behind the guise of her role.

Michael Chiklis in 'Rise Blood Hunter'

The cast pulls the movie farther out of the muck and into the quality B-movie realm, if there is such a land.  Plus I’m thinking that when they did produce the movie, they spent the money on the cast and skipped any effort at too many special effects.

Then again, some projects that are constrained by budgets, tend to work harder at the story, aka The CW’s Supernatural.

Lucy Liu in 'Rise: Blood Hunter'

It’s entertaining enough to keep my attention through to the end.  It’s true, there’s nothing extremely original about this movie, except for one tiny aspect, and that if I’m not mistaken, not once is the term vampire tossed out there.  It’s referred to as the “shadow side” of one’s personality.

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If you’re a Syfy channel fan, I think you’ll enjoy the movie and you feel like you wasted your time.  That and Lucy Lui looks extremely hot in this movie with her tight outfits and nasty cross-bow.

Syfy Channel TV Review Score 09On my Syfy Channel Review scale, I’m giving it a 9!  It’s good for a Syfy movie…


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