Robotech: If A Live-Action Movie Gets Made – That Would Be Sweet [Bonus – life-sized Gundam]

by on April 6, 2010

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Robotech SDF1 - Maybe a Robotech Movie

Right now, the much spoken about live-action Robotech movie project, is only a work in progress… yep, there’s nothing official about it yet while the studios test the waters and look things over regarding Robotech.

The rumored director, Sylvain White (The Losers), said that everything is in concept phase right now. He’s seen a draft of the script and says right now, as it stands, the movie would be based on “The Macross Saga.”

But let’s temper our enthusiasm for just a moment. (Sorry) White said that there is nothing set in stone. Nothing is getting green-lit, fast-tracked or any other double hyphenated word I can come up with. There are no contracts in-place. So we have to keep hoping that somewhere, someone in the studio’s decision making office starts receiving a Robotech item from every single fan out there and maybe, let them know we’re serious about receiving a live-action Robotech movie.

Robotech VF-1J Valkyrie - We'd see this in the Robotech Movie

Robotech VF-1J Valkyrie

Robotech is a cartoon, … sorry, anime TV series from 1985, depicting the discovery of a crashed alien spaceship discovered in the South Pacific. From what humanity learned from it, they created large, form shifting robots. In time, aliens came a-callin’ to retrieve the crashed ship and the tech is used to defend Earth. It was a great series that had plenty of action and still was able to pull off wonderful character development throughout.

Maguire Entertainment is who is pondering the production of the movie and Warner Brothers would be distributing.

I’d be very surprised if it made to the filming process in a live-action mode. That could be very expensive, or really stupid looking if a studio didn’t spend enough funds on the project!

[Hollywood News]

Everything Robotech on Amazon (Some amazing goodies on Amazon… cripes. My wallet is cringing!)

And no, Robotech is not Gundam… but as we all know, Gundam is real!

GUNDAM 59 foot tall Gundam

OK, it’s not real, but that sure looks pretty dang cool, doesn’t it? This most excellent image of the life size Gundam at Shiokaze Park, Tokyo, came from 14bikeco’s blog. Probably one of the best images of the Gundam on the web, which I presume he took. (Yea, yea… I always presume the best of someone until…) There’s more of this bad boy on Gundam 30th. (Be warned, you’ll need to have a translate mode in your web browser!)

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Raymond St. Paul August 14, 2012 at 8:12 am

Read a lot about the possible live action Robotech movie and fake stuff out there videos which are really nothing more than either gundam related or have nothing to do with the franchise [not that I have anything against Gundam I like that series too but that’s another subject]. I would prefer if someone actually provided details worth reading about instead of the constant junk that is on the web lately cause it’s getting really rather annoying. Testing the waters to see if anyone is interested in Robotech/Macross? If the studio execs haven’t figured that out yet then it’s not worth mentioning; its like crying Wolf evey five minutes till eventually those that would listen an be interested become numb to the constant fake reports an hype till when the so-called movie is made we’ve lost interest! That’s bad for business to selling to the public especially those of us that really care about seeing a Robotech movie assuming it is done right an not turned into a Disney kiddy nonsense which if you’ve seen Robotech was never a ‘I love you my little pony poop of a series’ it was rather serious for an anime. I really hope Robotech is made an serious but come on really this hype of a concept stage is getting annoying someone at the studios in Hollywood should really get on the ball and quit the rumors and either do it or shut and stop the nonsense!

windstorm April 9, 2010 at 12:46 pm

I’m a little disappointed we don’t have things like this walking around yet. I bet somewhere though the Think Tanks from GITS are being researched. I have to say Gundam and Robotech’s style never impressed me and so never really struck me as worth spending the time and resources to follow. I always got confused which was first Macross or The Master’s saga and have probably seen and transposed a little of one over the other. I always thought Transformers was much better anyway. Still if you could get the right people behind it maybe rethink it a little, it could be great. Though if I had my choices I would rather see Planetes adapted before this.

Phoenix Riza April 8, 2010 at 10:56 pm

Well, came across this guy…is this the first Robotech live action film ever?

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