Romania Is Excited For Batman 3 – Location Shoots

by on January 21, 2011

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The mayor of Bucharest, Romania is pretty excited that a piece of Hollywood is visiting their part of the world in the form of location shoots for Batman 3, The Dark Knight Rises.

Director / writer / producer Christopher Nolan will be hitting up several locations for Batman 3 in the region in and around Bucharest. The plans are also to film in other locations around central Romania also, like in Turda, in a salt mine there.

Salt mine? Hmm. So Batman experts, who in the franchise is from Romania? And a salt mine? That made me think in an oddly disjointed direction about the casting of Tom Hardy as Bane. If Bane is in this third Nolan helmed movie, I started to wonder if Azrael might be in this story? If so, that would be incredibly intense.

As it is, Bane’s history with Batman is that he beat Batman into the ground, breaking his back. Azrael stepped in and took on the mantle of the bat in a powered armor suit fashioned up to be like a Batman. Azrael was a wee bit more vengeful and once recovered, Bruce Wayne had to pull him back from his violent methods. Hmm. Just thinking out-loud but with Hugo Strange in the picture, I’m thinking probably not.

Batman 3, The Dark Knight Rises is due out July 20th, 2012. We have a long way to go before things get close to teasing us with trailers, but you know we’re being patient here!

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