Ron Moore & Syfy; “Walking Dead” Fans; Ridley Scott & Jason Momoa Bits

by on March 13, 2013

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  1. Ron Moore returns to TV with a New Show on Syfy;
  2. Overzealous Walking Dead Fans seem scary;
  3. Ridley Scott is working on a bunch of new Web Series;
  4. Jason Momoa Bit on his not getting the Guardians of the Galaxy role.


Ron Moore Has A New Show on Syfy

Hey, thanks to buddy/site fan Tim, he pointed me to the news that Ron Moore, the man behind Syfy’s huge reimagined hit, Battlestar Galactica (BSG), has a new series that was green-lighted by Syfy, called Helix.

Helix has 13 episodes to impress the viewers with its story about a team of scientists that investigate a mysterious disease up in an Arctic research station.  But what they really discover, could impact the fate of the Earth itself!

Helix has been called a “Thing-esque thriller” or “The Thing meets Andromeda Strain.

After BSG, Moore had taken other shots at some sci-fi fare.  Anyone remember Virtuality?  It seemed to have promise, (Well, I liked what little I saw) but it faded from the line up on the Fox network.

Then there was the intricate tale of Caprica, the prequel to BSG.  Sure, it was a slow plodding tale.  Sure, they went off in different tangents that didn’t seem all that related to the origins of the Cylons.  But dang, I was enjoying the underlying tale there.  It was a great series that took the time to actually show just how the Cylons got the way they got and I loved that aspect of the franchise. But there wasn’t enough spaceship action for viewers and the ratings wobbled.  Then Syfy buried it on Monday nights, which sealed its fate.  Oh well.

I look forward to what Moore has to offer in Helix.  In Moore we trust!  He has a nice twisted sense of creativity.

Overzealous Walking Dead Fans

a still of Laurie Holden as Andrea in The Walking DeadThis falls under “You have to be kidding me!?”

In The Walking Dead, Laurie Holden plays Andrea, a head strong, gun-toting moron of a woman.  For me, she’s barely one notch up from the Governor in the series.  And my dislike for the character is actually a badge of merit to the actress for bringing Andrea to the TV screen in such an energetic fashion, for me to get that emotionally involved in disliking her.

But I caught a piece over on Giant Freakin Robot that’s reporting on how there are fans that are having a hard time distinguishing between the actress Laurie, and Andrea, her character.  It seems that the actress has been receiving death threats.

Apparently this has all stemmed from back in season 2 when Andrea accidentally shot Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, in the head.

If you’ve watched the show you know what I’m talking about… he came out of the woods, hurt and staggering.  And from a long ways off, he looked like a zombie.  Then the dumbass, gun-toting moron of a character, Andrea, took a shot at him.

It seems Daryl fans are the ones firing off the hate mail.  It was so bad that the production company took time to have the two sit still for a picture with Norman hugging Laurie, to show that all is well between the two of them.

When a production company has to take measures to pretend to show happy feelings between to actors to get the fans to calm down, well, that’s not saying much for some fans.

It’s A TV SHOW.  Fictional, dramatic, fantasy, TV show.  If someone is that up in arms about what her character did, I have to wonder if they actually think zombies are real?!

Franchise creator Robert Kirkman even chimed in, saying that the show turned this particular character in “an ineffectual, meddlesome pain in the ass.”

But as far as the fictional world of The Walking Dead goes, I root for the walker that has Andreas name on his teeth!!!

Ridley Scott

Deadline is reporting that Ridley Scott will be putting aside some time to executive produce a few sci-fi movie shorts for Machinima.

As you know Machinima is becoming the premiere go-to place on Youtube and has some pretty cool content.  Machinima has hosted the Mortal Kombat Legacy web series and was the site that hosted Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome first, before the 2-hour TV movie aired on Syfy.

The plan for the sc-fi shorts it that there will be 12 short films and Machinima will be picking different directors for the shorts.  Scott’s production company, RSA, will do the work from there.

If the content strikes a chord with viewers/fans, any number of these projects could find themselves looking at being grown into a full-blown feature franchise.

Sounds pretty neat and great opportunity for 12 aspiring talents!

Jason Momoa Bit

Jason Momoa casting newsThis seems unconfirmed, but there’s a bit more on Jason Momoa “turning down” the Draz the Destroyer role in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie from Disney/Marvel.

I originally saw news that Momoa had turned down the role, which had me wondering, since Marvel movies seem to be huge career path stepping stones these days.

Then I came across a piece at Nerd Reactor that quoted a blogger saying that Jason Momoa wanted $500k for the role but Marvel wouldn’t give it to him.

The source has proven itself of late to be a bundle of good scoops and source news, but there’s very little else to back the tweet that the article I looked at quoted.

Me, I’m hoping that the Nova Corps being in the Guardians movie is true!  That would be sweet because I was quite fond of Nova back in the day.

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