Ronald D. Moore on Another BSG Spinoff

by on June 10, 2010

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Battlestar Galactica Viper from Ronald D Moore

A Viper from Ronald D Moore's Battlestar Galactica (Ph by Steve Adams)

In the past we’ve touched on the news that that the Syfy Channel was looking at another possible spinoff from the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) franchise that Ronald D. Moore sparked up with his version of the sci fi TV series. Though the ratings aren’t has hot as anyone would like them to be for Caprica, the thought was there from Syfy to keep it going.

This last weekend at the London MCM Expo, Ronald D. Moore was captured… I mean interviewed by OntheBox (via TrekWeb) and when asked about another BSG spinoff, all Moore had to say on the subject was

“It’s sort of true in that there are discussions going on with Universal about us doing another project in the Battlestar Universe but there’s really nothing definitive yet. There are several options that are on the table.”

That doesn’t sound that exciting of a prospect. Moore said nothing definitive and almost sounded like it’s just wishful thinking at this stage of the game.  Plus, now that  Ronald D. Moore is signed on with Sony Pictures TV, does that have any impact on his efforts in this direction?

Let’s say, if they were going to bring in another BSG spinoff, let’s review what we’ve learned so far of the so-called sci fi TV series fan-base and their tolerances:

  • The story can’t be too long in the tooth,
  • It has to have action injected frequently to keep one’s interest,
  • Story payouts have to happen quickly.

In other words, those responsible for setting the ratings have no patience for sitting down and absorbing a multi-episodic dramatic plot that has an underlying premise of action. They need the action to keep them awake, they need stories that have to resolve pretty fast or at least resolve in manageable, graspable (< Is that even a word?) stages that will keep them engaged.

I’m not faulting the ratings based TV watcher, nor am I bashing those comments I’ve seen around “town” on different websites that seem to make note about slow moving plots. What I’ve written is basically what I’ve surmised. In this day and age, no one wants to get committed. They need payout now. If they don’t get their payout, they’ll log onto different websites and whine make note about how slow the show is.

This is how excellent shows fall by the wayside. Lack of patience. (Journeyman, Jericho, etc..)  Face it folks, you don’t get promoted from a week of work.  It takes some time.

So for now, here’s my open note to Ronald D. Moore:

Mr. Moore,

If you’re going to do another BSG spinoff, please take note of how so-called fans are jumping ship on Stargate Universe and you’ll have to drop any in-depth plans to create compelling story.  In fact, from what I can tell, you’ll need to have someone shot or shot at every 9 to 12 minutes and it may not matter who is doing the shooting, whether they be alien or human.  You may wish to include in at least 1/2 of your “getting shot” scenes, that the shooting originates from a space ship blaster turret or some such similar source.  I know you can do it.  I’ve seen Star Trek: First Contact!

We apparently need that kind of excitement in our lives to stay interested in your shows and hence, generate ratings.

Sorry, but yes, you will have to go back to the formulaic plot outline of Star Trek to keep viewers motivated. No more of those complex interwoven thematic stories like Virtuality. What were you thinking!? And to shill it out to Fox??? Really, what where you thinking!

So if you can somehow sneak some good plot in underneath everything that is required to keep a show in the ratings, there will be those of us who will catch it and appreciate it.  Just please, no more ghosts leading lost stragglers across the last parsecs of space to find their homes.

As has been proven by most any NASCAR race, it doesn’t matter what happens in the first 99% of the event as long as the last 1% of the TV telecast really slaps us in our emotional adrenaline-center in such a way that we say WOW, and stay connected to what just happened.

Thanks Ron.

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laura July 19, 2010 at 8:49 am

That’s too bad. I was hoping maybe an announcement would have been made at comic-con-as it seems Caprica’s second half of season one has been kept very secret.

IMO I think Scy-Fi should indulge us in another galatic adventure. There are so many things IMO that I think they could do…there are things from the comics in paticular that I think could make great series…from Kobol, to earth 1, to the Ghost Squadrin, to the first cylon war, or some kind of ‘after the events of BSG’ series could be a good fit.

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