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by on November 7, 2013

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RSS Graffiti Facebook App

As a struggling website administrator, we have enough problems dealing with Google constantly changing their algorithms, hosting companies changing ownership, and other evils one must battle as a site admin.

And while we look at ways to distribute our product, expertise, or wisdom, we look at ways to distribute that copy out to the multitude of social networks.

Well, regardless of how you share your content on other platforms, I’ve been using a tool called RSS Graffiti to distribute my content to my website’s Facebook page.

It’s very easy to use, easy to set up and the only issues I’ve experienced have come from some of those infamous changes that Facebook itself makes, forcing changes for all involved.  Or from my RSS feed burping.

They help publishers crank out over 105 billion impressions a year.

The tool will take any RSS feed from your site/blog, YouTube, Flickr, and even Pinterest.

You can

  • Schedule postings,
  • Define how to make your content appear,
  • Post various media formats,
  • 300 free monthly posts,
  • An express feed mode.

(This bad boy express mode will get your content from your feed to your page within 3 minutes.  Again, dependent on your feed.  [I keep saying that because I’ve been having some RSS feed issues with my Google Feedburner service.])

If you administer a larger website, Graffiti offers a lot more for the discriminating customer.

If you crank out more than 300 posts per month, you only need to fess up $5 (per page, per month) and you can crank out up to 2000 posts per month.  Plus their premium email support is included.

If you’re a super-huge content distributor, $50 per month will add their advanced scheduling and analytic package.

As you can see, the utility is very powerful and flexible.

It’s a great tool, it’s near flawless (dependent on your RSS feed), and it has a great team behind the app who is pretty responsive when things go afoul.  Even the free program has a pretty decent amount of support.

I recently upgraded to the Express mode where posts show up in under 5 minutes.  It’s nice to see a post go live on your site, and rather than wait for the standard 30-minute time-frame window, I will be seeing it on FB almost as fast as I get around to checking on my site’s page.

I also have some great analytic options to look over, seeing when something was popular, how popular, etc., etc..

And here’s the thing… if you have a website that cranks out more than 300 posts a month, and you’re a site visitor, brusimm readers can get a 20% discount off their Optimize and Express package products.  Just use the coupon code, BRUSIMM20 at checkout.

Want more?  Wanna check out their site or blog?  It’s a great service and if you’re inclined to automate posting from your site to Facebook, I think this is the best avenue or app to use.



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