RSS Graffiti To Start Charging Some FaceBook Users

by on April 11, 2013

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RSS Graffiti: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

If you’re a website owner who uses RSS Graffiti to automatically post content from your website or blog’s RSS feed to your Facebook page, you might want to take note of some changes that are coming down the pipe from the gang at RSS Graffiti.

The Good:

First up is the fact that I have to say what an awesome service they provide to help you, the webmaster, engage with your Facebook-based audience.

I don’t think there’s a more convenient or smooth process out there, like Graffiti. As far as I’m concerned, they paved the way for auto posting to FB pages. Kudos good people.

But with that out of the way, now comes the heads up.

The Bad:

Maybe it’s not really a bad thing, but since I started this thematic approach to this article, I had to keep going with it.

The bad of it is that RSS Graffiti is about to become a pay service.


What’s happening is they’re updating some services that they provide and in the process of adding these “Premium” paid services, they’re changing things up a bit.

If your website posts more than 250 “pieces to a Facebook target” (page) per month, they will start looking to charge you $5 a month.

Yep… a bank-busting $5 per month.

Don’t fret, they’re not the cold and calculating business entities some folks are.

“After we officially launch these features in May, well include a 30-day grace period for all current users who post more than 250 times per target page, per month.”

And then if you go over that 250 post per month mode, there will be different levels or tiers of service or fees.

But if you are wondering after June, what happens, well, once you hit 250 posts in a month and you choose not to pay, then RSS Graffiti will stop posting for you. It’s as simple as that.

But they WARN/apprise their users, that

“the vast majority of our users will see NO CHANGE and will be able to continue using RSS Graffiti for FREE. Only those of you who post more than 250 times per month to a single Facebook page, profile or group will be affected by the changes.”

The Ugly:

To be honest, the only “ugly” I’m thinking we’ll see are those “entitled” folks that get pissed off when something changes with their free services. FREE.

Hey things change, it’s inevitable. The web in particular, is changing with the times. All these companies whose services we’ve been using for free do need to make money to stay alive.

Just saying.

There’s a few more details at the source if you’re interested, but there you go!

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