Rumors: No Lois Lane in ‘Superman Man of Steel’?

by on February 4, 2011

in Entertainment

Since Henry Cavill has been cast as Clark Kent in Superman: Man of Steel, the internet lit up like a huge Christmas tree with conjectures about who is going to play Lois Lane and everyone is latching on to the different actresses that could be lined up for the part.

It’s all pretty good conjecture and makes sense, have you ever seen a Superman project with a Lois Lane in it?

New Rumor!

Actresses Diane Kruger, Rosamund Pike, and Alice Eve and others are being considered for a conjectured leading lady role, but they’re not in line for a Lois Lane role,  but rather another leading lady role.

What role, no one is letting on yet.  Time will tell and when all the guessing games are done, I’ll be back with more news bits!

To be honest, I’m not sure what the news is and rumor may be a strong word.  We’ll see how things pan out!  Remember who’s behind the producer’s chair!

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