Running – Some Thoughts for the Beginning Runner

by on April 18, 2010

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running feet - sf marathonToday I took my running back up after an enforced 3-week delay to let my knee ligs recoup. I hope it worked because once you start running, it’s an awesome lifestyle that sneaks up on you and starts to take over parts of your life. You find yourself skipping things you like to “head out.” You start scheduling things differently so you can make time for your running.

Heck, on Friday nights I was either headed out after dinner, hoping to get back by 8 for Smallville or the Syfy Channel fare. If I didn’t make it out early enough, I’d head out after, making it a midnight run. (FYI: Midnight runs are totally cool if you’re brave enough or properly equipped.)

Running isn’t for everyone. Heck, my asthma and other issues had me believing it wasn’t for me, then I started trying it.

RUNNING - a fun family thing to do

RUNNING - a fun family thing to do

One big bonus with running? I can eat more goodies and still lose or maintain my weight. Running is like doing sit-ups and running just does so many good things for you over the long haul. It’s also awesome thinking me-time… that is if no one is trying to run you over.

But when you’re running, there are some things you just don’t think about when you’re headed out that you need to ponder.

Driveways: Never trust that people pulling out of driveways are looking fo you.

Churches: OMG, for me, this has been the worse experience I’ve ever had. I had the unfortunate timing to run around a corner that had a church and the masses were getting out, and they are in a hurry to get back to life because around one church, I was almost run over 3 times, literraly, by people gunning it to get out of the driveways and/or not looking, or seeing me, and gunning it to beat me to the driveway. Yea, they can repent next Sunday.

RUNNING - the necessary things

RUNNING - the necessary things

Dogs: Most dogs are cool. Just try to make some noice to catch their attention if you’re coming up from behind them.

Water: Don’t think you can make it without water. The human body needs water. Find out what the proper hydration is and try to adhere to it. You WILL NOT be happy that first time your body fails becaues of a simple little thing like hydration.

Shoes: If you think you have good shoes for running, but you aren’t adverse to looking at the idea of buying new shoes, I’d say at least find a good local shoe store and have them take a look at your feet, look at your shoes, and maybe even let them bring you some shoes to check out. It was amazing what a proper-fitting pair of shoes can do for you. The first run I took with new, properly-sized shoes cut a minute a mile off a 7 mile run… it was simply amazing!

RUNNING - right after my first event

Night Running: GET LIGHTS that flash and a great head-lamp. People in cars are stupid… or, they’re not necessarily thinking about you when they are hurrying about in whatever haze they’re in. I have what could be deemed close calls at least once per run. I’d probably have more if I weren’t so mis-trusting in my fellow man. And trust me, I’ve learned that if someone can run you over, they just may try.

Apparel: Yes, you don’t “need” the apparel that is known for running, but as you find you might start running more, you will probably find yourself buying the stuff. It wicks sweat away, keeps you cooler, or if tech wear is worn / layered properly, can keep you surprisingly warm in colder climes. Tech wear just wears betters when running. (Note: Cotton absorbs sweat. The wet shirt keeps you colder… Food for thought.)

These are just some things to ponder as you ponder running. Things that I’ve come to realize are needed for my training.

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