S8 Season Premiere for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Quickie Recap

by on September 25, 2011

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Cinema Static - TV News, Movie News and other Entertainment OpinionThe season premiere for Grey’s Anatomy was like most of their season premieres, with a wee bit of a huge accident that involves the entire team to rally together and deal with.

That is, except for Meredith Grey, who was fired because of her tampering with Derek’s clinical trials.

I have no sympathy for Meredith getting fired. But then, when things look bad, she makes them worse by running off with hers and Derek’s adoptee.

That complicates things with the adoption process.

Then there’s Owen and Cristina. Eesh. Though she really wishes she could want a baby, she does not and there in lies the crux of the matter.

Of course, there was the “Gunther.” LOL. This was a test that Cristina, Avery, Kepner, and Karev found themselves in because they seemed to be at odds with each other. Bailey put them on a surgical case to see who would come out on top as the group leader.

But in the End (Spoilers)

In the end a few things came of everything and here’s the end results for this season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy:

Episode ending spoilers:

Meredith and Derek lost the baby to the adoption agency. This doesn’t seem to set well at all with Derek. But I think they either will or have to pull it together if they want the baby bad enough.

Owen chose to talk to Cristina and he went with her to the abortion. Owen is being supportive, but how long will he be able to live with himself, considering how bad he wanted kids.

Oh the Chief… well, for the entire episode we were seeing or hearing about how the Chief was trying to get Meredith a job at any other place, but then he made himself the sacrificial lamb and “admitted” to the board that he messed with Derek’s test and Meredith was only covering for him.

But who will take over the Chief’s job??? That’s for a separate work piece. Hang tight gang! Follow this link if you want to know If James Pickens Jr. leaving Grey’s Anatomy?


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