Sad Day To Be At The Vet Office

by on April 16, 2012

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The other day I encountered a scene so sad and heart-wrenching that it put to shame any emotionally charged scene I’d ever see in any movie or TV show.

The other day I had taken my ancient one (my cat) to the vet for a check-up. Yes, she lives, though she’s deaf. (No, she is really deaf and it’s not actively ignoring me.) But while I was waiting for our appointment, an exam room door open and out burst the absolute saddest scene I’ve ever seen on the planet as it’s never easy to lose a beloved pet.

cat roadster - r.i.p. buddy 03First the father came out and he looked distressed, but then his young son came out and he was crying but trying to put on a brave face.

After the men, two young daughters came away from the exam room, one staggering from spot to spot, leaning on the wall and a little one, rushing to the exit, hoping to not be seen crying.

Mom came after everyone else had left and she was no better off.

I just witnessed the unplanned passing of a much beloved family member and unlike some scenes I’ve seen before at the veterinary office where some of the family is devastated, the entire family was devastated by this sad loss.

It was so heart-wrenching that some of us in the waiting room were fighting back our own tears of empathy for these poor souls and they struggle to accept whatever it was that just took their beloved family friend from their lives.

To to the nameless family from Sunday, all of our hearts go out to you and may your little one be chasing butterflies or heaven squirrels through the fields in happiness…


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