Safe Holiday Shopping And Your Car

by on December 7, 2015

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Today we’re chatting about some simply silly ideas about how to keep your car from getting broken into and I’ve included a chilling video to digest along the info.

Holiday shopping is a time to think about friends, family and good work peers. But while we’re out enjoying the holidays, there are others out there with nefarious designs upon your good cheer. The thing is that many of these nefarious folks have skills and talents that would surprise you.

The skilled criminal will watch you, predict your timing, then get in and out of your car in seconds. Probably while you’re still within 100 feet of your own car.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

When shopping, you might get overloaded in bags. But the skilled thief is aware of that. Because of that, you might consider not going out to your car to drop off bags so you can go back in and continue shopping. (Keep it all with you, or take a trip home to drop it all off, and go back.)

Don’t leave things in plain view inside your car. Nothing. What seems insignificant to you can seem like something to sell for bucks to the underprivileged looking for cash. In other words, that is thief bait. I’ve known friends who lost entire windshields because they left loose change on the dashboard, or dirty baby clothes in the back seat. So what you take as day-to-day and of no value, could end up becoming a bill for a new window for you.

Now if you are on board with hiding things inside your car, then here’s the next thing to keep in mind:

If you are going to hide things under your seat or seat consoles, hide them before you get to the parking lot. Thieves can read your body language when you try to hide things below the window line of your car door before you get out.

If you’re thinking you won’t hide something in the car, but rather, in your trunk. Then following along with the theme, don’t do it when you get to the store/mall. The thief sitting in his car or pretending to walk into the store will be looking for this and see you. Then when you’re walking into the mall he breaks the window and hits the trunk release. Remember, it takes five seconds to bust a window, reach in, and be off with your goods.

Trust me, you would be surprised. I once parked my car in a mall parking lot and two rows into my walk, I heard glass breaking. When I got back from my literally, five-minute stop, I had learned that the breaking glass sound was my own f*ing window! But when I heard the breaking glass, I actually did not pay attention to it. Which leads into my next point…

If you think that having a car alarm is a good thing, they aren’t. Why? Because no one will look if it’s not their own car. (So make a point of looking when you hear car alarms. Or breaking windows!)

Here’s a bonus point to think about:

To avoid potential identity theft, don’t leave your wallets/purses or bills with critical information in your car. It takes five seconds to break into a car, and another ten to rifle through it or steal it.

Want to get your mind blown? Watch this video of an interview of a street thug talking about the points I made above.

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