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by on January 17, 2017

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Samsung S6 Smart Phone

My wife and I own Samsung S6 smartphones. We’re not unhappy with them, but they do have their quirks. But nothing you can’t usually get past. Like for instance, the HORRIBLE Samsung spell checking mechanism. It changes words it does not need to or makes “fixes” that aren’t needed.

Here are some classic Samsung spell check snafus:

  • If you type “C section,” it will change that to “Christian section.”
  • “Westworld” becomes “Westwood.”
  • “Aveeno,” becomes “Ave enough.”
  • “Zigzag” becomes “zag ginger.”
  • “Expediently” morphs into “expedient lying.”
  • “Pre-rain” gets changed to “pre-painted.”
  • Or if you have a three letter word, sometimes it expands on those first three letters, making it into another word all together.

Yes, the phone is trainable to specific words but you would think in this day and era, they’d have this spell check crap down a little better.  Before I dumped my Motorola phone because of it’s suspicious behaviors, AKA, “Planned Obsolescence,” you have to give it kudos, it had fairly superior spell checking. That spoiled me.

But last week both my wife and I got updates delivered to our phones. It was known as G920VVRS4CPL3. Woo boy, were we in for different surprises!

After this update, I was sort of smirking at my wife because this latest update that happened in the first half of January changed all her sound settings. Literally. Her messenger sound became a chime. Her daily alarm sound became a ring tone, and on and on. LOL. But then I noticed a few things changed on my phone too. The biggest one worth noting was that everything involving my spell checking or anticipated word usage processes were turned off. Completely. Now I could type bad words and never be snagged again by their flawed spell-check algorithm. That, and it disconnected my system from my Google account calendars. Now I don’t get the automated reminder pop ups I used to always get.

Turns out I like having that faulty beast running in the background because it’s good about half the time.

But what gets me is that I’ve never seen a system update muck up user settings like this before.  You expect the updates to leave personalized settings alone. It’s almost like it heard us complain about our phones. I hated my spell check and my wife would grumble about the alarms, but that was more about what they represented and not what they were.

I’m not saying my phone is listening to me. (That’s for another post, about Facebook, coming up.) But it was weird what got messed up on us.

So if you recently got a Samsung system update and things got weird on you, you are not alone.

Other Samsung Observations:

BTW: The camera does rock when taking pics and videos. It has great options. But zooming in too much to take an image will degrade the final outcome.

I love the voice command of the camera. If you dig around in settings, you can find that you can tell your camera to take a pic. Which is great for if you see something while you’re driving that you want to snap a pic of. Though to be fair, I would not use the word ‘shoot’ too loud in a crowd. Not in this day and age.  The four phrases the camera listens for is ‘smile,’ ‘cheese,’ ‘capture’ or ‘shoot.’ It also listens for ‘record video.’  (I thought I’d add this bit because so many people I know aren’t aware of this awesome feature. Though sadly, my evil niece is totally aware of it, and after a conversation with her, it seems I end up with errant images as she tosses out these key words while I’m trying to take pictures.  Grr that girl!)

I also can’t imagine having an “Edge” version of this phone. I already have enough accidental app starts from squeezing the phone. I can’t imagine how crazy that would be if I had an “Edge” version of this phone!

I don’t know who did it, but I was very unhappy after my first system update when it took my access to the Google Voice listening away. I used to use that feature to ‘talk’ to my messenger when I was driving. I could message my wife and talk the text to her that I wanted to send. (This was right after I first bout the phone.) But then the very first update I got for the phone and that feature went away. And to be honest, it was an awesome safety feature. It was stupid to pull it.

Any way, it’s great phone with just a few flaws. But sometimes it’s the flaws we focus on as they get in the way more often than not.


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