Sanctuary Ratings for 12-11-09 & Will Emilie Ullerup Return in Season 3?

by on December 18, 2009

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A Guest Article By Cinema Static reader Tim Miller:

The figure that SyFy gave for Sanctuary ratings of 2.2 million average viewers each week are the Live + 7 Day numbers. Those are the number of total viewers plus all the DVR’d and downloads. Which is fine if you want to feel good about how many people are watching. The key numbers which determine how much a show can charge for advertising are the 18-49 demographic. Those are important to the network. Once the show is renewed it is irrelevant to the fans.

The ratings for December 11th are important because many of Sanctuary’s fans wanted to express their displeasure with the killing of Ashley (Emilie Ullerup). It appeared to them that the network was replacing her with Kate Freelander. Many swore they would continue to watch the show in order for it to get a season three but would not watch, DVR or download “Penance”. “Penance” was touted by the network and the producers to be Kate’s big episode with Michael Shanks (Jimmy).

If the numbers for that episode are significantly lower, SyFy may not want them published. The network does not want to admit that the loss of Emilie Ullerup has hurt the show or that fan backlash can impact a shows viewership.

Now, why would the network not want to admit that? It is my unsubstantiated conclusion that the network has never had any intention of bringing Emilie Ullerup back as Ashley. The network suspected that there would be some backlash. I don’t think they expected it to be this intense. The strategy was and still is to ignore it and wait for it to go away.

They used the “dramatic impact” argument as the cause of the secrecy surrounding season two. I don’t think that they can continue that argument for season three of Sanctuary. The spoiler argument is worn out and no longer credible. Many fans have said that if there is a season three they will not watch it without Ashley.

I believe that many people, like myself, are beginning to suspect that something is wrong. The longer the network and the producers continue their silence the more I suspect that I am right. As more people come to the same conclusion, some that have been watching to insure a season three and hoping for the “announcement” about Ashley will quit watching out of anger.

The creators and writers of Sanctuary made a fundamental mistake. They broke faith with the audience. They had developed the relationship between a mother and her daughter that was at the heart of “Sanctuary”. Then in two episodes ripped it out. Where is the beating heart? The show is now shallow and has a gaping wound which could only be filled by her return. If not repaired soon they will lose their audience.

The network can continue this ruse for only so long. What will be their next move?

As for the real ratings, the following is copied from “Your Entertainment now” from the article by Rosario T. Calabria. He has promised me he will keep looking for the elusive December 11, 2009 cable ratings.

“Lead-out Sanctuary will air its mid-season finale next Friday. Thus far this season, the show has averaged 1.60 million viewers (and a 1.0 HH rating) and a 0.5 A18-49 rating through eight episodes (not including the numbers from the 12/11 episode).

Compare with those numbers to season one’s average from January 13, 2009:

(live + same day plus all available time shifting data)
1.8 HH rating, 2.35M total viewers,
1.04M Adults 18-49 and
1.36M adults 25-54.

Like Stargate Universe, Sanctuary has performed a good deal better with the Live + 7 Day numbers, where it has averaged about 2.1 million viewers (not including the 12/4-12/11 episodes).”

I suspect that the 12/18 episode of Sanctuary that will feature Christopher Heyerdahl, who is very popular with the fans, will do much better. If so, I suspect we will get to see those figures on this coming Tuesday. I will not be surprised if all we get from December 11 will be the Live + 7 day.

Thanks for the words Tim!

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Martina August 11, 2010 at 12:39 am

@big fan

“When Emilie began to overshadow Amanda, as sometimes happens in a series program, Amanda was the one who engineered Emilie’s removal from the show. Now it’s “All Amanda all the Time”

I can’t agree with this ! You call yourself a big fan ? of what ?
Amanda is amazing actress and I believe that they had a good reason for what they did. but your idea that Emilie started to overshadowed Amadna is hilarious ! Let me laugh đŸ˜€ Hope you are big fan on other show an no Sanctuary !!!! Amanda will always have my respect and she doing great job with Sanctuary !!!!!

Badinfluence January 18, 2010 at 11:31 am

I must say I have been an Amanda Tapping “fan”, ever since her days on SG-1. However, if she’s lying to us about “pitching a story” to bring Emilie Ullerup back on the show, I will make it my personal quest to speak out on every sanctuary forum I can find (If I get in that is, since I’m for whatever reason, not accepted on the forum on…. lol).

I’m not stating that AT is a bad person. I do raise questions to her “executive” influence on the show. I believe that whenever it was decided to kill off Ashley, she went along with it not even thinking about it twice. We all know, she has mentioned it numerous times herself, that they need lots of funding to keep this show rolling. I am sure Agam Darshi was a “cheap” addition towards keeping Emilie Ullerup, a rising star, around.

I am convinced that they did not expect the intensity of the backslash on killing off Ashley. So they decided to “give us hope” saying that “there is a chance” they could bring her back. Just to keep us around, keep the viewers for the remainder of the season. This is the feeling I’m getting from it, and I so hope that I’m wrong.
I did watch eps after Ashley got killed, just to keep my hope alive, just for the little moments that Ashley gets mentioned in it. But I will not watch S3 if Emilie Ullerup isn’t brought back.

Emilie still hasn’t been contacted yet. And still I’m keeping hope alive, but it decreases with every day that passes.
The network and executives of Sanctuary at this moment get no respect from me. They made a mistake, a huge one, and they just won’t admit it.

It just shows how little they actually care about “the fans”. It’s indeed just business.

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