Sanctuary Season Finale – “Kali”

by on January 16, 2010

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Sanctuary capped off their 2nd season with a humdinger of a 2-hour season-finale episode that involved a tiny spider, a huge spider, mystics in training, Major Zod… I mean Callum Blue and a seriously hot looking mystic interpretation of Big Bertha named Kali, played by the very beautiful Sahar Biniaz.

There’s trouble in paradise, or at least there’s trouble wherever Callum Blue seems to show up lately.

After a full day of a Sanctuary marathon on Syfy, we were reminded of everything that happened in season 2 and it led right up to the season 2 finale of Sanctuary called Kali.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, there are SPOILERS in the following terse take on the episode.

Sanctuary -  Ryan Robbins as Henry, Amanda Tapping as Dr. Helen Magnus

Magnus, Will and Kate head to Mumbai India to investigate a murder that seems related to odd behavior being exhibited by some Abnormals and Callum Blue plays Edward Forsythe, a millionaire bent on controlling Big Bertha and apparently the world.

During the investigation, Will becomes infected or more specifically, becomes linked to Big Bertha, who is still alive. Yep, Magnus lied and Big Bertha is not only alive, but through some nefarious manipulations, has been taken over by Forsythe.

Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion

The Sanctuary Network is very unhappy with Magnus for having lied about Big Bertha. Wexford, played by the popular Stargate Atlantis actor Paul McGillion, represents the voice of the Network and gives Magus a short time to remedy this situation where Forsythe has taken over Big Bertha.

Will, though he’s lost his direct connection to Kali, the spirit of Big Bertha, is still connected in a way because Kali chose him.

SANCTUARY- Wills Bollywood Dance Routine

But in order to reconnect to Kali, Will must perform a dance that brings her to him. The dance, if you’re a fan, is a fun Bollywood dance number.

Sahar Biniaz

Sahar Biniaz

But when Will does finally connect with Kali, things go afoul with Magnus’ effort to contain Big Bertha.

Though she’s neutralized Forsythe’s connection to Big Bertha, Wexford has other plans and tries to kill Big Bertha since he’s convinced the Sanctuary Network that she needs to die.

But, considering the creature can destroy the Earth, I wasn’t surprised when depth charges didn’t have any affect.

Now Big Bertha is mad and that’s what we’re heading into season 3 with, a ticked off Abnormal that can destroy the world.


~ ~ ~

It was a great episode and being twice as long in a 2-hour presentation, they were able take their time and develop the story with more details.

I’d prefer a stand-alone episode to end a season with but what are you going to do?

Now, we wait.

We wait for the 3rd season of Sanctuary and the studio is now on record and needs to be accountable to the fan. I say that in regards to Emilie Ullerup.

Damian Kindler made the following statement in the early days of that confusing removel of Ullerup from Sanctuary:

“… once they know about a 3rd season for Sanctuary, there will definitely by an Ashley story that will take place that theyre developing.”

So now we wait and see.

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Tim January 20, 2010 at 4:36 am

From Friday Cable ratings Travisyanan on
Sanctuary (9pm, 120 minutes)
– 1.493 million viewers
– 1.0/2 HH
– 0.4/1 A18-49

Rather poor for a much hyped season finale that had little competition.

In addition to the ratings two things give lie to the excuse that Ashley was killed off because she wasn’t liked.

1) Fan outrage.
2) The return of Kate despite the number of people that hate the character.

Mr. Kindler I will be watching. There is a word for making a promise that you have no intention of keeping.

You broke faith with the audience. You continue to ignore the outrage and refuse to respond. If you think people will forget by season three you are mistaken.

Badinfluence January 18, 2010 at 1:46 pm

Let’s see if mr. Kindler and ms. Tapping will give us what they said they would. I have my doubts about it.
Besides what do they mean with “an Ashley story”. It can be anything really, it doesn’t even have to mean the return of Emilie Ullerup.
I for one won’t be putting any time in watching a third season of Sanctuary without Emilie. The show has seriously gone downhill since they let her go.

As for the 2nd season finale…if they tried to make us like Kate Freelander more….pfff tough luck. I still think of her as enormously annoying, and she gets no sympathy from me whatsoever. I didn’t even like the season finale. I actually watched it, because maybe, this is me being naieve, we would get a hint on Ashley’s return.

As far as we know, and Emilie said so herself in her interview with CliqueClack, she hasn’t been contacted yet by anyone at Sanctuary or the network to discuss her possible return. It worries me a lot, because the more time passes by, the more I think it’s not gonna happen.

Though I’m remaining optimistic 🙂 ….for the time being…

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