Santa’s Slay, The Funny Horror Holiday Movie You May Never See!

by on December 19, 2010

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Santa's Slay

Santa’s Slay was something I caught on FearNet cable. I’d seen everything I was interested in on TV and was looking for a background filler while I worked on a project. I had no intention of talking about it but I found myself a bit surprised by the movie.

Santa’s Slay cast at first glance looked impressive with Emilie De Ravin, Rebecca Gayheart, Chris Kattan, Fran Drescher, James Caan, Saul Rubinek, Robert Culp and more. I mean, come on, this has to be great with these folks in it. Right?

You see, Santa is a demon that lost a bet in a curling contest with an angel and was doomed to be nice for a thousand years and had to give toys and happiness to the world for that period of time. Dude, that’s harsh for a demon. As you can guess, the thousand years is up and Santa is on the loose. Not to mention the movie is more comedy than horror.

If you must know, a few spoilers are coming up, because I know that you were all hoping to catch this must-see movie in rental form so I felt I needed to warn you!

Bill Goldberg as Santa in Santa's Slay, with his buffalo

The opening scene saw Rebecca Gayheart, Chris Kattan, Fran Drescher, James Caan and a few others killed off as Santa, played by wrestling’s Bill Goldberg, comes down the chimney, kicks out the bricks and kills everyone sitting at the dinner table. So much for the powerhouse of stars. This must have been a favor called in or something, but made for a great opener that started to suggest this was more a comedic effort than anything else.

With that, we’re left with Saul Rubinek, Robert Culp, Douglas Smith (VI) and Emilie de Ravin. His sleigh is pulled by a white buffalo and he has no patience for traffic as his next victim is an old lady who’s driving too slow.

Santa then hits up a topless bar. He’s not out to kill everyone. He gave the reigns to his sleigh to the valet, but the bouncer started sh** and down he went. Inside wasn’t much different except he didn’t kill the topless dancers. Sadly, though he didn’t kill the valet, his buffalo took care of that and ended up eating him.

Bill Goldberg as an angry Santa demon

I have to say, Bill Goldberg as an ill-tempered Santa is a blast. He kicks his victims asses in style and this movie has some better fight choreography than most late night TV movies I’ve seen. Don’t even think about going into this thinking it’s a horror movie. Sure, there’s death and dismemberment, but this is more a violent, funny movie with a great humorous premise behind it.

I think this is the perfect movie for a night when the guys get together and start tanking it up… seriously.

Some of the comedic points that I found to catch my attention were:

  • The credits at the end scroll by and each name is designated as either naughty or nice.
  • The movie takes place in a township named Hell. The slogan on the side of the police cars is, “Crime doesn’t stand a chance in Hell.
  • Someone tries to blind Santa with a (special?) flashlight and Santa screams back, “I’m Santa Claus, not f*ing Dracula!”

Santa’s Slay is a cute project and is actually fun when looked at in the proper light. Like I said, I think this would make a great rental to have playing at a party or such.

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