Saving $3k A Year By Eating & Getting Healthy Doing It

by on October 25, 2010

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The Huffington Post put out a great article that talks about how you can save almost $3k a year by eating better.

They first point out that over 30% of adults and 16% of children are considered obese and that the higher correlation with those numbers are lower income families. That makes sense, since fast food places are the cheapest and quickest ways to snag a meal.

What they did is present a few alternatives to some habits that could end up saving money, a chunk of money on the long run for you… in this case, $3,000 bucks a year. That’s nothing to shake a stick at!

-They say eating vegetarian a few times a week saves you bucks because meat is the most expensive part of most meals. And take it from me, you can have a great vegetarian option here and there. I’ve always been impressed with veggie burritos and veggie burgers!

-Focus on eating those leftovers. They say we toss out close to 25% of the food we prepare at home. I’m guilty of that… once something goes in the fridge and gets pushed back, I get this out of sight, out of mind mode! I’ve been working at it though!

-If you don’t have the time at home, snag a slow-cooker to cook things while you’re at work. Sure, you might have to spring a buck or two for the slow cooker, but what you save in buying your own dinner makings at the grocery store over eating out adds up and will make the slow cooker pay for itself. If you check out the link below to slow cookers on Amazon, you’ll see that they can be affordable.

-Instead of ordering pizza out, make pizza at home. (I can attest to that one! It’s so much cheaper to snag something from the grocery store. Here’s an extreme example: The local Ameci’s can cost me $50 for 2 people to get 2 small pizza’s, salads & sodas. Hitting up the local Safeway we can snag the same stuff for about $15. Not identical, just similar, because NOTHING compares to an Ameci’s pizza!)

-The other option is packing lunches for work. Again, I can attest to spending about $2 a lunch for stuff at home while I could just as easily spend $8-10 for lunch out. That adds up big time just in a single week along!

-Here’s my own trick to add to the bag: Minimize those coffee shop runs! I can’t say stop going because I’m an addict and I can’t stop, but I have minimized my runs. Do the math… going every morning at $5 a pop comes up to $100 a month, or over $1100 a year.

There are a few more details at the link, plus they show how their shortcuts add up to save you $3k a year! Go check them out!

Save 3k on food without trying

Amazon: Books about Cooking

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