Saving White Socks From the Washer’s Red Blanket [Consumer]

by on October 10, 2010

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Getting Red Bleed Out of White Things!

This is a tale of a bad red moment in the washing machine.  Someone I know (eh hem) had to wash a red blanket.  Looking to save some time, they decided to toss the skivvies into the load as well and kill two birds with one stone.  It sounded pretty simple, doesn’t it?  Sure.  This person has been washing reds with other colors for so long without a mishap that they didn’t think about the color bleed affect that red colored products are capable of!  Oh, what wonderful bleed affect.

The wash was done.  The red blanket came out clean, the socks, that which were previously white, exited the washer in the most pink of colors one has ever seen.  As far as it seemed, these socks were a write off.  Unfortunately, these socks accounted for over half of the inventory of white socks in the socks drawer.  This was going to be costly.

With that in mind, a desperate plan was hatched.

First note/advice:  Never dry something that has been grievously damaged in the wash.  Drying will set the problem/stain into its permanent state.

Feeling as if the socks were a write off, they were tossed back in the wash, on cold for another full round washing.  When they came out, surprisingly they looked to be half the pink they previously were.  Could there be hope?

This time, the socks went back in the washer.  Temperature set to hot, and away they went.

When the load was finished, with tentativeness the lid to the ill-fated wash load was lifted.  Low and behold, the socks that a mere hour before were as pink as anything that might have come off an assembly production line, were back to the original color of pure, well, as white as they were before they became infected with the evil color of red.

Lessons to be learned here?  If you mess something up in the wash, don’t dry it.  That will set the stain.  The pinked socks were washed twice and they were rescued.

The only other potential part of the equation was the use of Tide Laundry Detergent.  Tide has done some wonders for this family and it’s possible that Tide helped the battle of the pink socks.

All I do know is that whatever contributed, my socks don’t look like they’ve ever been pinked.  Oh…  did I say “my” socks?  I  meant the socks from the neutral third party I was talking about…  dOh!

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