Season Finale Review & Will ABC’s ‘Take the Money and Run’ Return Next Season?

by on September 7, 2011

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ABC‘s Take the Money and Run is an interesting premise for a TV show, almost like a train-wreck of sorts. You have to check it out but will you come back to see more?

Cinema Static - TV News, Movie News and other Entertainment news and opinionThough the season was interesting at best it wasn’t consistent. Each week I found myself rooting for one side or the other. In the season finale of Take the Money and Run, it had a lackluster feel from both the contestant and detective side of things. I didn’t care who won. (Though I suppose, secretly, I was rooting for the position of the bad guys to thwart the coppers!)

Take the Money and Run pits a pair of contestants against two police detectives and two seasoned interrogators. What happens is that the two contestants are given a briefcase full of money and given a set amount of time to hide the briefcase anywhere in their city. When their time is up, their car is disabled by OnStar and the cops show up.

The cops and the interrogators get to see the route the contestants took, their cell phone records and all receipts from whatever transactions they did during their time that was allotted to them to hide the money.

Via a combination of interrogation and detective work, the good guys try to find the money within 48 hours of detaining the contestants. If they don’t, then the contestants get to keep the money.

Take the Money and Run had an interesting premise that held my attention through its short summer season, but with last night’s preliminary TV ratings of 2.7/ 4 in the overnights, and a 31% drop in viewers from the lead-in TV show Wipeout (which was a repeat), that doesn’t spell anything good for the show.

Cinema Static‘s Take

ABC’s Take the Money and Run is an interesting concept that needs to have a little bit of a revamping to make it a bit more interesting.

It’s interesting that the cops that partake in the investigation get to keep the money if they find it within the 48-hour search period. They too have personal stories so if they win, it’s not a feeling of loss for the viewer.

It’s fun in the beginning of the episode to watch the contestants be given the money then scramble to figure out how to hide it. Some days look like good efforts, while others seem like train-wrecks and you’re fully expecting them to fail their task.

The premise of the contestants being pulled over and treated like street criminals seems a bit overboard and trite. They should just have them drive to the retention center.

Putting them in isolated holding cells is a fascinating premise. It shows how folks who are cut off from a clock, each other and such can seemingly be easy to break down. Me, I’d see that as down-time and take advantage of the rest.

I’m on the fence about the interrogation processes. At times it is fascinating and at other times, I don’t get it.

We’ve never once been told by the TV show the rules on how the contestants have to answer questions. Unlike the standard street thug who gets arrested, it seems that our contestants, have to, to some degree, answer every question. I get that, but it seems that it’s almost too easy for the cops to get what they want out of them then.

Yet if played right by the contestants, they can answer the questions in a fashion that keeps the cops off their case. Literally. And that is when it gets interesting.

I like the premise of Take the Money and Run but the execution had holes in it. I like watching the contestants sort out their game plan and try to execute it. It’s entertaining to see them break down emotionally just because they’re being kept in a holding cell for a mere 48 hours.

It’s also fun to see the contestants win this against the cops, using good twisty answers, though it wasn’t as fun last night with the scattered couple they had in the season finale of Take the Money and Run last night. They had a crap plan for what they would do with the money. I didn’t care.

Additionally, knowing it’s a game show, it’s interesting to watch the interrogation, but the limitations of the interrogators kill any good anticipation of how they’ll get the info out of those perps!

I think that we need new interrogators each episode. ABC should use the detectives own team of interrogators and let everyone on that side keep the money. That way we get different techniques and approaches each time.

Despite the holes in the execution of Take the Money and Run, I did find it a bit entertaining and with a few small change ups, I think ABC could have some sort of a hit on their hands. Not a huge hit, but a big enough of a hit to make it worthwhile to the advertisers. But for right now, all assessments suggest that this TV show won’t be returning for another season.


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