Season Four of Sons of Anarchy Is Kick Butt [via Blu-ray]

by on September 17, 2012

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Sons of Anarchy series logoIf you’ve been following the Sons of Anarchy and haven’t seen season four yet, it rocks.

Sons of Anarchy stars Ron Perlman, Katey Sagal, Kim Coates, Mark Boone Jr., & Charlie Hunnam.  But you knew that already!  Right?

This is a generic review of the season and I am giving very little away with this season 4 write up, but there are some light outline spoilers.

If you recall, the big angst in the show was Jax and Clay butting heads over how to conduct business.  Clay is old school and Jax was looking at new, different and legitimate ways to conduct business.  And their differences were threatening the sanctity of the club.

Things worked out, but more by momentum and circumstances than by plans.

Season three saw Jax pursuing the kidnapper of his son and this united the club on one front.  The club is family.  ‘Nuff said.

Season four of Sons of Anarchy brings more club derision but this time it’s about the businesses that Clay has dragged the club into as drug mules with the cartel.

Sons of Anarchy review - the reaper logo

Clay thinks this will bring good money to the club and himself because he’s looking to get out after scoring big.  But the club doesn’t agree with this.  But some back Clay via loyalty.  Others are worried about tying in with the cartel is dangerous.

But other clubs are making as much money in 2 months as they have in 2 years being drug mules.  That doesn’t help the argument against the premise.

Aside from Clay looking to get out, so is Jax.  It’s about family… his two sons and Tara family that is.  His plan isn’t much different than Clay’s, but less violent.  And those pesky letters from Jax’s dad are also a strong contention point this season that cause many events to erupt.

Kurt Sutter in Sons of Anarchy as OttoAs always, show creator Kurt Sutter tosses in all kinds of twists and turns that keeps you on your toes, and I’m not sure if you knew this, but he plays Otto, the SoA member in prison?  I am a little late to the party, but yea, the show creator plays a role in the series.

There’s also a new cop and new D.A. chasing the Sons while one of my favorite character actors of all time plays a cartel member, Danny Trejo.

This role that Danny Trejo plays is one of the best I’ve ever seen him fit into.  A gangster boss.  It’s about time he played a man in charge.  And the role he plays is perfect for him.  It’s almost like a promotion from his other “hired gun” (or knife) roles.

Danny Trejo in Sons of Anarchy as Romeo Parada

I think if you’ve loved seasons 1 through 3, you’ll love season 4 of Sons of Anarchy.

I’ve left a lot out so there’s plenty to discover and be shocked or surprised by during the season.  And wow, you know what they say… The  best laid plans of mice and men…

Sons of Anarchy season 4The Blu-ray package of Sons of Anarchy is a wonderful thing to behold.

Each disc of the package has extras.  And the deleted scenes are gold.  Many times the deleted scenes had to hit the editing floor for time and story telling purposes, but half the time they’re fantastic story fillers that give more depth to certain specifics of the overall tale.

The “gag reel” has its funny moments but it was a lot shorter than I hoped it would be.  The other extras are also nuggets worth owning.  It’s worthy.

Sadly in a way, this show reminds me of my younger rebellious days when I actually did ride a bike, though it wasn’t a hog. And I didn’t kill people.  I did have a chance to check out a hog for a bit and I dare say that they’re amazingly quiet to the rider.  The noise gets pointed out the back away from the rider.  Just sayin’!

Though I did do a piece asking if SoA Glorifies Motorcycle Gangs, and I did a bit of research into how one might join one of the more famous motorcycle clubs known to man.

Any way, I’m happy with my Blu-ray, even if my player itself had a few issues with it.  Grr. But this is how the BD package plays out (if you notice, several eps have extended scenes.):

    Disc 1:

  • Out
  • Booster
  • Dorylus
  • Una Venta
  • Brick
  • SOA Gear
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Dorylus – Extended Scenes
  • Brick – Extended Scenes
  • Commentary on Out
    • Disc 2:

    • With an X
    • Fruit for the Crows
    • Family Recipe
    • Kiss
    • Hands
    • SOA Gear
    • Deleted Scenes
    • Family Recipe – Extended Scenes
    • Kiss – Extended Scenes
    • Commentary on ‘Hands’ with Peter Weller
    • Commentary on ‘Hands’ with Kurt Sutter, Katey Sagal, Maggie Siff
      • Disc 3:

      • Call of Duty
      • Burnt and Purged Away
      • To Be, Act 1
      • To Be, Act 2
      • SOA Gear
      • Deleted Scenes
      • Gag-Reel
      • Pineys Farewell (Spoiler: don’t highlight if you haven’t see the season yet.)
      • The Fans of Anarchy
      • Anarchy at House of Blues
      • Commentary on ‘To Be – Act 1’
      • Commentary on ‘To Be – Act 2’

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