Season Premiere of ‘Survivor: South Pacific’

by on September 14, 2011

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'Survivor South Pacific' reality tv showCBS’s Survivor: South Pacific started out quick.  The castaways were tossed on the island and they didn’t know they were going to be joined by two seasoned competitors.  Those seasoned Survivor veterans were Ozzy and Coach, making their third returns to reality TV.

And the reception of the two veterans is on different ends of the Survivor spectrum!  Dang.  Everyone seemed excited to see Ozzy while with Coach, well, whatever.  That’s how it seemed.

Then the veterans were put on the spot and shoved into a Survivor one-on-on challenge with a puzzle at the end of it and Ozzy took the cake and his tribe gets some bonus survival tools.

Ozzy’s team synced up very nicely.  They even spent the first day lounging around in beautiful waters of their location while Coach’s team is wee bit distant.

Dawn the mom on 6, is having issues early…  she doesn’t like the Bob Marley approach.  She’s already cramping from lack of water!  Day 2 and she’s crying already.

But there’s a catch here that wasn’t set by design, I don’t think.

Coach’s team has more umph for the physical challenges and Ozzy’s team is as physical.

That’s proven by the first Survivor immunity challenge… It was close, but Ozzy’s team could have won it but there was a physical limitation that kept them from winning.

The teams go back to camp.  Ozzy’s team is getting grumpy already, but that’s what happens when you don’t win immunity challenges.  Meanwhile, Ozzy sits back and watches the conflicts going on.

Of course, the Survivor teams are stacked.  Seriously!  Stacked with eye candy, sprinkled with some brains and AARP candidates.  So I guess I’ll watch for a week or two!

Then there’s Brandon.  Brandon Hantz.  The nephew of Russell Hantz.  He says he’s going to hide all his tattoos that proudly boast his last name.  But then in previews for next week’s Survivor episode, we see how that didn’t last long.

Survivor SemharIn the end, even though Ozzy didn’t want it, Semhar, the word artist, was sent packing to Survivor‘s Redemption Island.

1 Down, 17 to go in these games of Survivor: South Pacific.

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