Season Seven Finale of ‘House M.D.’

by on May 24, 2011

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House M.D. Season Finale (S7)


House MDThe 7th season finale of House on Fox opens with a bang.  It’s dark out and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) is talking to a police officer, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) is nursing what looks like a broken or twisted arm.  Cuddy is telling the cop if Greg House (Hugh Laurie) comes near her again, to arrest him.

The following quickie recap is nothing but chalk-a-block full of spoilers!

We go back some hours to see House in the hospital gauging the team’s new patient, a demented-appearing artist.  Well, don’t true artists always seem demented to some degree or another?

Taub (Peter Jacobson) is running from the ex-wife that he was getting back together with, while he’s supporting his fling’s pregnancy newly announced pregnancy.   But a double-whammy, literally is tossed at Taub, being that his ex-wife is also pregnant.  LOL.

He shoots, he scores!  Twice!

House‘s patient is an artist… a very obscure and soul searching sort of artist.  She comes to House with a disease she already knows the answer to, but wants to challenge House iwth this puzzle.

Through the episode, Cuddy continues to pursue House, trying to get him to talk about his frustrations.  He says he’s going to change, but we see the same old dodging tactics through the first two-thirds of the episode.  But something happens.  His patient gets to him, Cuddy finally gets to him, Wilson finally gets to him as he cuts off House’s drug supply.

The episode winds down, House is at home taking more drugs.  Wilson comes by and they, well House, decides to go over to Cuddy’s, but he see’s Cuddy in the house with guests.  Especially Cuddy’s new man-friend.  House rams her house with his car.

The closing scene, we see House in a bar, on a beach, smiling.


What an obscure contrast of scenes to end the season of House, very reflective of the artistic patient.  This is House at his worse, spiraling out of control despite him thinking he’s fixing his issue.  He was badgered to emote his feelings…  the entire episode.  He finally did.  House did what many may sometimes feel like doing, but know better.

In the real world, House wouldn’t have made it a month in the real world, but this isn’t.  This is House M.D., where Gregory House gets away with everything we’ve always wanted to say or do.  That, is the justice, the beauty of House on Fox.  No matter how annoying you think it is.

Now, without Cuddy around next year/season, just who will be the foil to House?  We’ll see.  But know this… as put in TV Guides Mega Buzz article, there will be consequences from his crazy actions, across the board.

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