‘Seattle Superstorm’ TV Review of a Syfy Saturday Night Movie

by on March 31, 2012

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'Seattle Superstorm' on Syfy review

Seattle Superstorm aired on Syfy tonight (Saturday, 31 March).  It starred Esai Morales, Ona Grauer, Jared Abrahamson, MacKenzie Porter and a few other fodder characters for good old fashioned, B-movie deaths and amusement.

Seattle Superstorm was directed by Jason Bourque (Arctic Blast) and produced by Oliver De Caigny (R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour).

It opens with a man watching his live-feed porn while monitoring potentially hostile airspace…  and he finds himself a bogey that he reports to a battleship on patrol.  The bogey or object is headed towards Seattle.

The battleship fires a missile and that splits the object in two and the pieces crash into Seattle.  One, a building, the other in one of the many waterways around Seattle.

But it’s not all roses.  The one in the water can’t be retrieved.  When the divers go after it, their empty wetsuits float to the surface!

The second item hit land, tearing through a marketplace.  A person touches the crater wall and he dies pretty fast.

Then the objects cause huge weather anomalies that become, well, huge, mutant, superstorms… over Seattle.

Seattle Superstorm has the usual collection of characters… scientists, their families, government lackeys and the usual stick in the mud government man that refuses to allow a city evacuation.

And don’t forget the mysterious old man running around in the background with his geiger counter.

For a Syfy original movie, it was carried by some of the cast and was better than most Syfy movies, though in this particular Syfy movie, it moved a bit slow, but it wasn’t as bad as most of the quickie produced TV movies we see.

Below are some “highlight” quotes or moments from Seattle Superstorm:

“Those kids shouldn’t be here.”  “It’s OK, I cleared them.”

“You would need to carpet bomb with missiles”

Numerous muscle car versus green car snits between step-siblings to be.

I’ve had a really really bad day, and I really want to shoot something.

Love how when s* hits the fan, everyone scatters in totally different directions.

Taking a helicopter up in 2-300 mph winds.

Great cell service during mutant storms that are taking out anything tall… like CELL TOWERS!

An INCREDIBLY LAME death by Dimitri.


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