September 11th, A Time To Remember Our Unity

by on September 10, 2011

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9/11 Memorial Lights

One Moment for 9/11.

Please, take a moment and remember the fallen. The fallen include the innocent people in the buildings, in the airplanes, the selfless public servants who charged into unknown circumstance. The fallen are the victims from cowardly actions & events that took place on September 11th, 2001.

September 11th (9/11) is a day for memories and honor. This one deed has changed the history of our lives as we knew it and brought with it disbelief, anger and confusion. Before 9/11/01, if you mentioned a fear of airplanes ramming buildings, you would have been called paranoid.

That day of sheer cowardice also brought forth such bravery and selflessness that one could not help but be proud of our fellow Americans. So many stepped up and pulled together to help each other through such a terrible time that heroes of untold valor were born. Or maybe born isn’t the right word. Recognized.

9/11 Memorial Lights -2

This day didn’t create the heroes, but rather, brought them into the light. These people where heroes at heart before this infamous day and that’s something we need to remember. That these people were heroes waiting to happen on 9-11.

I traveled to New England a few days after, for my grandmother’s funeral. The one thing I noticed was the unprecedented solidarity the Nation took, to stand together and face a single enemy. I’ve never seen that before. One country indivisible.

America itself was attacked and Americans stood together with one vision for a few short weeks as we were pulled back from our own personal situations to see that we all had a common enemy that threatened our well-being on our own shores.

We now live in a more secure world. The next time you want to grumble about the inconvenience about being frisked or scanned or that your emails and phone calls are subject to tapping, think about the premise that it’s because of the actions of the unseen heroes in the background that just might keep you from being blown out of the sky.

I know it seems unlikely, but the few friends and peers I had lost that day, probably used to think that too.

For this one moment, let’s ponder the victims, their families and friends. This horrible day touched everyone’s lives and we should never forget the innocent of this senseless, cowardly act.

And let this be a message to anyone… no matter how hard you kick at us, we will come back stronger every time. This is America.

Here’s a list of names to remember, to ponder and to never forget. (Fox News List Site. These links are anchors to different sections of the same page)

World Trade Center | Flight 11 | Flight 175 | Pentagon | Flight 77 | Flight 93

Thanks for taking a moment….

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Bruce Simmons September 10, 2011 at 7:48 pm

Hey L.P., thanks for sharing that. I have seen his name amongst the victims in the past. I understand the pain, my loss still feels a bit fresh here too. Thanks for visiting and take care. Tomorrow, we remember.

L.P. September 10, 2011 at 7:39 pm

Thank you for your words. I found your post accidentally as I was searching the name Bruce Simmons, a friend from High School, who died on 9/11. He worked in the second tower and was trying to get out. Ten years later…..the pain today is as real as it was then. Know that you share your name with a fine man. Bless you.

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