Seth Casteel Awesome Underwater Dog Photos

by on April 15, 2012

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Seth Casteel Underwater Dog Images

The other day a friend emailed me some images of underwater dog photos that were absolutely wonderful. They were moments captured in time when different dogs were jumping into water, chasing balls.

The photos are property of photographer Seth Casteel, who is based out of Los Angeles & Chicago.

He has a talent of getting pictures of pets in candid looking moments. In the below photos, he’s captured some dogs jumping in water after a ball.

Check out a blurb from his ‘About’ page:

“Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel has been featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, EXTRA, CNN WORLD REPORT, THE TODAY SHOW, JEOPARDY! and in TIME Magazine. As one of the most published pet photographers in the world, his work can be seen in hundreds of magazines, calendars, posters, books and TV shows. Seth has also had the privilege of working with and photographing a variety of celebrities including Cesar Millan, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Smart, Denise Richards, Perez Hilton, the cast of TWILIGHT and the cast of GLEE.”

The photos below are frozen in such moments that it looks like good old fashioned monster stills from the genre films I we like to talk about here on BruSimm.

Check out these two sample stills I snagged and after checking these two pics out, you can check out Casteel’s LitteFriendsPhoto Facebook page or his website of the same name.

SETH CASTEEL LittleFriendsPhoto 100

SETH CASTEEL LittleFriendsPhoto 101

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