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by on September 27, 2012

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Amazon LogoI was looking to find out how many days were left on my “free” Amazon Prime Account and I found out that you can share the benefits of your Amazon Prime membership account with other people?

Did you know that about your Amazon Prime account?

First up, I started a “free” trial of Amazon Prime and I wanted to know how many days were left in this trail. The jury is out still as I’ve started looking more carefully at the offerings… and maybe it’s worth it.

There are quite a few options and such and I think I’m going to keep it. At least for a year to see how much I save on shipping over the next year. Especially with the Christmas holiday shopping season coming up.

But there are some features I don’t find in the Prime account. I can’t find recently watched. I like that feature under Netflix, though they offer no way to edit/delete recently viewed titles. (Can you see dad trying to explain to the kids what Betty Does Dallas is all about?)

But I’d love to have a recently viewed section. It would make it incredibly easier to go back to an interrupted video you were watching! Like Netflix.

People I know who have both say Netflix has more to offer. I can honestly say that there are a few shows on Prime that I haven’t seen and might like watching, so I’m still waffling on retaining it.

Others say (And I can’t disagree) that the feed is better. I can’t tell you how many times I’m watching Netflix and the show stalls while it reacquires the signal. I haven’t had that from Amazon Prime yet.

Movie rentals can be cheaper. If you have a service like Comcast Vod, I’ve noticed I can get most new movies that come out for rental, $1 cheaper on Amazon. (It’s no cheaper having Amazon Prime versus not having it.) But having Prime, I might be more inclined to rent via that venue rather than on the Comcast service. If you watch at least 1 rental a week, that’s nearly the cost of the service right there. (And with all the ‘Prime’ stickering on my offering, I actually feel like I might be saving money.)

Then looking at movie prices, on one example, there’s a list price that’s marked out and the 33% less price with my Prime logo next to it. I’d almost think I’m getting a discount via Prime, but I’m not. It’s just the logo next to the product price.

(I opened up a browser I always sign into and one I never use to sign into Amazon with. That’s how I saw that.)

Of course I can endlessly watch movies like Thor and Iron Man 2 on Prime for free now. And if I order movies online to buy, there’s the free shipping scenario associated with “Prime.”

Then there’s the part about sharing your Prime Account With Household Members.

Hey, if you time this right for your Christmas shopping season and have a Prime account, you can invite up to 4 people from your household to share/use your membership with you.

Here’s how I got to both the determination of how many days I have left on my free trial, and to share my account with family members:

  • Click on your “Your Account” (Link in top-right of screen) under “Your Account.”
  • Find the “Settings” section and click on “Manage Prime Membership.”

It’s here that I saw I have about 14 days left on my “free” trial, and where I can choose to “Do Not Upgrade.” Which means charge me.

And below that is the “Invite a household member” section.

“Up to four household members may share the shipping benefits of this membership.

Please enter your own birthday first. When you invite household members to share this membership, we will ask them your birthday and their birthdays to verify their identities.”

This alone might save you the bucks to make it worthwhile to have an account, if your family does a lot of shopping via Amazon. (Despite the CA sales tax that Governor Jerry Brown has forced onto Amazon this month (September 2012)).

NOTE: Only the free shipping aspect of the Primary Account holder is applicable to the household members. Not all the other goodies.

Link to

Why Do I Keep Annotating “Free” in Quotes

So far, the only real thing I did not like about this “Free” trial of Amazon Prime, was that I had to buy something to start it.

If this were any other organization, I would have blown them off. But I do tend to trust Amazon. I’ve never been screwed by them, they have great and easy ways to track or review purchases. (Right now, my copy of The Avengers left Sacramento via Fedex this morning at 3:55AM! Hoo ya!)

So I still went for it and face it, you can always need something from Amazon, right?

Extra Notes:

Oh, that damn Kindle Lending library that comes with Prime is only for those who own an actual Kindle. (I use a Kindle App on my smart phone to read books, so I was bummed to find out I could not use the library. Oh well.)

Amazon has a program called Amazon Mom. (dads can use it too). What this program does is give you three months of free Prime membership, and for every $25 you spend on “baby” items, you get another month free. There’s a waiting list, but it could be another valuable saving route.

Disclaimer/My Upfront Truth in Advertising Pitch:

I am an affiliate of Amazon and make a tiny percentage off of any purchases folks might make going through links off my ad banners and such on my website.

This article is more about apprising the consumers to their options. Not about pitching Amazon. I have more experience with the site so I know more about it than other sites. Hence, more of an in-depth experience.

How does it go: I’m not just an affiliate, I’m a customer too! (Egads, I am definitely a customer, and no, affiliates make no money off their own purchases. I do happen to trust the site and had trusted the site for years before becoming an affiliate.)

= = =

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