Sharktopus Movie on the Syfy Channel – A Review of Sorts

by on September 26, 2010

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Roger Cormans SHARKTOPUS for Syfy

Sharktopus on the Syfy Channel opened with a 50-ish type theme song and we’re at the beach… two young ladies, in bikinis of course, are sun bathing and one heads off into the water for a swim. Hmm. While she seems to be swimming westward to Japan, a shark shows up and scares the futile swimmer, but before it could get her, giant tentacles reach out from the depths and snag the shark. Sharktopus just rescued her from certain death… it’s being remoted controlled!

Sharktopus on the Syfy Channel

That was the first five minutes of Sharktopus. A shark with tentacles. It stas Eric Roberts, Ralph Garman, Sara Malakul Lane and Kerem Bursin who plays the ever greedy science mercenary, Mr Flynn. It is produced by Roger Corman & directed by Declan O’Brien (Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead, Monster Ark & Rock Monster).

Robert’s character is the lead in a bio genetics lab that has crossed the DNA of a shark and an octopus, creating the genetic hybrid and perfect ocean weapon.

While the sea beastie is headed home from saving that first swimmer, the military man in charge of the project does the military thing and asks for a test of the remoted controlled creature before it is ready for the field. Hmm, nothing could go wrong here, could it? And then it happens, a boat hits the remote control device on the creature’s head and we have ourselves a movie! The first set of deaths splatters blood on the camera lens, as if we’re right there!

Sharktopus on the Syfy Channelbah bye bikini-clad treasure hunter!

As Robert’s team is “on the case,” we then pan to a bikini clad treasure hunter with a metal detector who ends up getting dragged out to see by Sharktopus. It’s hungry! His next victim is a bathing suit clad bungie jumper, in mid-jump. Meanwhile, we have a news reporter trying to pursue the biggest story of her career, digging to the bottom of where this thing is from!

The movie is properly peppered with bikini clad ladies to keep one focused on the riveting masterpiece of cinematography.

The chomping scenes with Sharktopus were fun and even distributed properly throughout this soon-to-be-classic B-movie and the dialog, though not as riveting as it could be, was mostly better than some of the Saturday Night Original movies I’ve seen on Syfy in their past.

Eric Roberts delivers a fine, over-the-top crazy scientist.

My cohort and Cinema Static on Brusimm contributor, Tim, put together a kill list from Sharktopus:

Body Count Description

1 First victim Normal Shark
2 Guys in a Speedboat
2 Guys painting an Ocean liner
1 Girl in Bikini with a metal detector
(Was that old man Roger Corman? It was.) Does the 43 on Roger’s Gilligan’s hat mean anything?
1 Girl Bungee Jumping
2 Guys tossing a football on the beach
1 Yoga girl
1 Girl sunbather
1 Volkswagon (Bring me a big enormous Scotch – 3 and neat)
2 Divers
1 Pez the boat Captain
3 2 guys and a girl on Sea-Doo’s (Where’s Bob)
1 Captain Jack – Ralph (I smell an Oscar) Garman
2 Man and woman on a sailboat
1 Santos
3 Puerta Vallarta Dancers
2 henchman
1 Dr. Sands – Eric Roberts
1 Girl swimmer on rope swinging into river
1 Guy traversing the River by wire
2 A man and a woman diner at River restaurant
1 Bones the TV cameraman
1 Stacey the TV reporter

34 Deaths / Victims Total

Aside from the comprehensive death-list, Tim also pointed out that it was a great touch to have a host showing up between scenes. The host was Josh Gates from Destination Truth and it looks like Syfy is embracing the idea of the cheesy movie and having fun with it!

When I tweeted into the unknown depths of the Twitterverse, how Sharktopus seems to gravitate to eating bikini-clad girs and @Sharktopus2010 responded with “I have good taste for a Sharktopus eh? #CHOMP! #TeamSharktopus” Dahh… it’s online!

If you’re a fan of the Saturday Night Original Movies from the Syfy Channel, you probably had a good time. Heck, I’m still trying to finish the pound of popcorn I made to watch it. If you were comparing it to Inception, you probably drowned your sorrows in a good prune juice cocktail! But as always, different scales for different movies.

Check out the teaser trailer below… it has a lot of the opening scenes I spoke to and see how many kills from the above kill list are in the preview! LOL.


This piece was co-written by Bruce Simmons and Tim Miller.

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Joe November 4, 2011 at 11:17 am

Shandi Finnessey is the DJ’s tech/producer/assistant/whatever. Sadly, the treasure hunter, having no lines, is not credited.

Joe Costello November 4, 2011 at 11:13 am

The girl on the sailboat actually survives. They show a shot of her still OK after the chum draws Sharktopus away. So, 33 victims (unless you’re counting her as a “victim” because the creature went after her, even though it ended up leaving her be and she survives).

Bruce Simmons October 10, 2010 at 11:02 am

LOL… I think, from some deductive elimination of cast, that it could be Shandi Finnessey. Have fun with that one!

Allen October 10, 2010 at 9:15 am

Who was the bikini clad treasure hunter?

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