Should You Attend ‘The Avengers’ 2D or 3D Movie Screening?

by on May 2, 2012

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So I’m wondering out loud if I should hit up Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers in a 3D or 2D screening?

My first, enthusiastic thought was why not check it out in 3D?  I’ve limited myself to a select set of movies to see in 3D so far and since I love the concept of the movie franchise, I started considering this.  The movie is making oodles of money, and I’d love to support this film franchise as best I can.   Yes, that means soda and popcorn for another $10 to $15 on top of my movie ticket price!

But then I asked about (on Twitter) what folks thought, and I also learned that…

The Avengers was post-processed into 3D.  It wasn’t filmed in 3D, as many were led to believe for a short while, back in 2011.

But Disney sure does want me to think heavily about seeing the movie in 3D.  They’re even enticing me with cool, custom 3D specs to watch the movie with.  But according to some, those specs are only being offered at specific premieres, so don’t get too high on the anticipation ladder on that one.

But my impromptu survey out on Twitter had a 100% reply of “NO, don’t see post-processed 3D!

This is not a diss on The Avengers, but if I am going to drop more bucks on a 3D movie, I would usually rather do it on a movie filmed natively in 3D.  I’ve seen too many nay-sayers popping up about post-processed 3D movies.  And if that many concerned citizens pop up with disgruntlement, there must be something to it.

I had, at one point, someone lined up to chat with me from a post-conversion house on how this process can be just as good of an experience in the theater, but then they got busy and was a no-show for our conversation, so I was never converted to the dark side of this argument.

But with that being said…

Good Luck With Your 2D Movie Search!

The Black Widow in The AvengersWhich version is Black Widow aiming to see?

Sure, there are plenty of 2D screenings of the movie, but it seems, for me, locally, that there are better time slots and twice as many 3D offerings versus 2D screenings.  No wonder the movie is destroying the box office!

For one example, at one theater in my neck of the woods, for 3D, the times are

x   12:35
x   3:50
x   7:10
x   10:30

‘x’ is an XD 3D screening, IE: IMAX-like.

While in 2D, my options are


You see.  The 2D options aren’t bad, but there sure are many more choices for the 3D version.

While Still on the Bubble…

THE AVENGERS movie clip capCol Fury:  “Come ‘on guys, make up your mind! Pick a ‘D’

To clarify my curiosity, I started looking around the web to see who has seen both versions of the movie…  This could be my deciding factor on which ticket to pre-puchase, plus, if I lean to 3D, I have a lot more options to choose from.

CinemaBlend makes a fantastic 2D to 3D comparison to help decide your own movie fate.  –Crave UK seems to have a slight positive lean towards the 3D version.  And Comic Book Movie website does too.

The caveat in all three pieces note that there’s a lot of conversation scenes where it’s moot to have in 3D, but the action sequences stand out and make it quite worthy.

I had asked Vic, the owner of ScreenRant, and he said he liked it in 3D.  I tend to trust those guys explicitly with their opinions, so if I were on the bubble, Vic’s perspective pushed me right into the 3D bucket!

On top of all this, director Joss Whedon, knowing it would be post-converted, filmed the movie with that in mind.

Well then.  As I started this article, I was fairly convinced on 2D.  But there were a few things nagging at me that made me stay my “pre-purchase” act.

One, would Disney really put out a crap product on something this big?  Disney has the ability to do things right, when they have set their minds to it.


Joss Whedon director of 'The Avengers' movies

(Do you think Joss Whedon is thinking, souvenir!)

With all things being equal and seeing the positive-leaning articles noted above, and having saved up a few bucks for this extravaganza of an ensemble movie, I think I will head out and see The Avengers in 3D. What the heck!  Right?

The Avengers opens in all kinds of D on Friday, May 4th.  Starting with your midnight:05 screenings and onward!

>>> Here’s my spoiler-free review of The Avengers if you’re interested.


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