SILHOUETTE Eyewear, A User’s Perspective

by on January 16, 2017

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Silhouette Eye Glasses, scratch up pretty easily

This is an open letter to Silhouette Eyewear and something consumers should be aware of.

I have a pair of Silhouette titanium rimless glasses. They’re probably the lightest pair of glasses on the market. For me that’s important because glasses tend to slide off my face but they stay put nicely. They have been incredibly awesome from the onset. They’re light to the point you may barely even notice when they’re on, they have no frames to obscure you vision with and initially are pretty incredible.

But that was a few years ago.

Now I’m having this fascinating experience with these Silhouette glasses.

At first I thought they were just getting hard to clean, but it turns out that I have a swarm of micro-scratches that look like a fuzzy cloud when I look through the glasses. To get a clear view of the world, I have to nod my head down and look over the glasses.

Normally, when something happens to a product I own, I tend to believe it was just my own fault for one reason or another.

But when these two-year-old Silhouette glasses get treated the same way some of my other crappy, ten-year-old Walgreens readers, and my crappy readers are as clear as the day I bought them, well, that has to mean something beyond how I’m treating the product.

For the amount of money I had to spend* to acquire these glasses, I’m shocked that my cheap, older glasses are still more clear than these Silhouettes.

I’m just saying, some folks should know about how easy these lenses can scratch up before they drop a lot of money on this product.

*As far as the money I had to spend, unfortunately my eyeglass retailer is located in Menlo Park and I believe I may have paid “Menlo Park” prices, which can usually be much more than normal rates. I’ve seen price differentials that range from 20 to 40% more, depending on the outlet. Heck, the local toy store covers up all their price bar codes and their prices are consistently 15% more than any other source. So beware things like that!

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